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July Tidings!

Hey All!
It's been a great month, I'm still getting used to doing a monthly update/newsletter but here it is!

What's Going On
Atlas Animalia

Kickstarter Ending Soon!

Saturday, July 8th @8 pm EST

A book of beast variants, Atlas Animalia explores your favorite monsters like never before!

With two days remaining and already funded, hitting stretch goals and all. The book is now going to be 94 pages of beastly glory and we can't wait to produce it for you! That said, not too much time is left to get in on the Kickstarter!

Ennie Nominated!!

Gen Con Indy is right around the corner, and we're more excited than ever to be a part of it. To which brings us to the Ennies. 

If you recall last year, the Baby Bestiary Volume 1 won a Silver Ennie for both Best Interior Art and Best Monster/Adversary book. This year, we've been nominated yet again! 

  • Best Interior Art - Baby Bestiary Volume 2
  • Best Production Values - Baby Bestiary Collectors Bundle (the slipcase)

Honestly, it was quite a surprise to see that Volume 2 didn't make the Best Monster/Adversary category, but the products that are there are pretty awesome. The world works in weird ways and we're happy to have been nominated none-the-less.

For those who want to help us out, ensuring that we come home with an award, voting will be open July 11 to July 21. 

We can't thank you all enough for your love and support and if you're at Gen Con, feel free to stop by and say hi!


Embers Progress

Drafts have been submitted by the writing team.
We are currently pouring over the submissions to ensure everything works well together, from story connections, voice and tone, to layout considerations. 
As soon as that's done, we move into editing! It took longer than expected but it's great to see the book starting to take shape.

Roleplay Cafe Growing

We've grown quite a bit since our last announcement post, now reaching over 150 members. We're continuing to improve the platform with numerous functional improvements.

In addition, I've started to add a number of larger companies and their products, such as Monte Cook Games, WOTC 5e products, Shadow of the Demon Lord and the core Pathfinder products.

It's a small community, but we have big plans for it and hope to see it grow :)

Other Updates
We still have a number of our smaller projects in the works. We'll be collecting updates on these next month and get back to you on their progress.

Projects are mainly:

Baby Bestiary
Plushes | Miniatures | Tales | Games 

Thank you for all your support, 
and stay tuned for our next newsletter

Andreas Walters
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