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If you enjoy reviewing romance or historical novels, then sign up for my ARC team to get all my upcoming books for FREE in exchange for your reviews.


What's in it for You?

  • FREE review copies of all my books before they are released to the general public.
  • Special prizes and giveaways available ONLY to members of my ARC Team.
  • Exclusive content - character notes, deleted scenes, cover reveals, previews and more.


What's in it for Me?

  • I publish my stories with guaranteed reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, etc.
  • This is an important process for me as an Indie Author and enables me to spread the word about my books.


What do I ask of You?

  • You will get a FREE digital copy of my newest release through Bookfunnel, two weeks before it goes live on Amazon.
  • We will send an email when the book launches as a reminder. 
  • You are required to post your honest review on Amazon. Reviews Goodreads is not required but is appreciated.
  • Also appreciated if you inform me of typos, spelling mistakes, the odd missed word etc. I'm a one-man band and, no matter how often I read my own stuff, mistakes get through.


That simple :)

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