June UKHWG Newsletter
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 Hello  Welcome to the July edition of 

UK Here We Grow - Newsletter

July has been a really wet month for most. It has created some unique challenges when trying to get crops ripened. Blight hit a lot of gardeners in early July due to the high humidity caused by the rain and the warm conditions making it perfect to spread.

August is the perfect time to get some Chinese greens and winter kales and brassicas sown to fill that winter gap. If you have bare patches of the earth get them covered with a green manure, this will help you to feed your soil and stop the winter erosion.

22nd of this August will see The Autumn Malvern Show where we will be attending, hopefully with our marrows, cucumbers, parsnips, and cabbage. why not come enjoy the show and see how we get on. I would love to chat with you there!



From time to time we either visit other gardeners or they come to visit us at UK Here We Grow. None have traveled as far as this lady. Her name is Kaye Kittrell she owns The Late Bloomer Show Youtube channel and recently visited us from the other side of the pond in a series of videos. She has a fantastic YouTube channel and I urge you guys to take a look at what we got up to in this little 2 part mini series

Kaye's Visit Part 1

Kaye's Visit Part 2


As part of our ever growing Network, we recently added Patreon to our group. This allows you to help us fund the ever growing costs to make the network even better for you. You can get some fantastic benefits and even the very rare merchandise that everyone has been asking for. I would love you to visit the channel take a look around, see what benefits are available and join us there also.

                                                               Thanks, Tony

How To Build A Brassica Cage

In this section, we look at how to build a brassica cage to protect your crops from pests such as Pigeons and caterpillars.

Tools required:

  • Wood Saw
  • Pencil
  • Tape Measure
  • Screw driver / electric screw driver
  • Heavy duty staple gun (10mm staples)
  • 4mm drill bit for wood
  • 25mm spade drill bit for wood
  • Scissors
  • junior hacksaw

Ok, so the first job is to decide how big you want your cages to be, I made mine 3.5meters x 0.9 meters but in hindsight, i wish I had made four smaller ones rather than two big ones, they are a little difficult to move about so smaller is better.

Measure and cut your wood to length, two long lengths for the side rails, 2 short lengths for the end rails.

Next using the wood screws and metal brackets assemble the rails into a rectangular frame (Tip try to keep the brackets flush with the top of the rail, you will see why later on) you can use the small wood drill bit to make pilot holes for easy driving of the screws.

Install the "Hoops" measure and mark the long rails on the frames, start with the middle ones, then the two ends followed by the final two positions between the middle and ends. Using the 25mm spade drill bit drill down into the rails making holes at least 30mm deep, these will receive the MDPE water pipe, next cut your pipe into lengths of about 1.5 meters (this is not an exact science, you can make them as long or as short as you want, the important thing is that they are all equal in length) now push these into the holes, they should fit snug and tight.

To give strength to your hoops the roofing baton is fitted to the top center line of the cages, cut the wood to the required length and secure with a wood screw at each end first (again using the small drill bit for pilot holes help but do not drill into the water pipe) When each end is secured continue securing each hoop to the baton length.

Now cover with the scaffolding netting (I selected the green netting as the blue can look a bit much on your plot) when you're happy with the position to secure one long edge to the frame using the staples starting in the middle and working out towards the ends, do the same on the opposite long rail but this time put the netting tight ensuring that it's not creased.

Next fold over the netting at each end and secure with the staples (having fitted the metal brackets flush with the top edge allows you to staple just below them, you can, of course, fit the bracket to the internal faces of the rails)

Using the scissors trim off excess netting leaving a 2-3" skirt all round, fold this under and secure with staples to the base of the cages, finally fire in a few staples along the top support rail to prevent any movement of the netting which could damage it. Attach wire ties to each end hoop to tidy up the netting at these points. And that's it, a Brassica cage that will last many seasons and protect your crops.

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