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19 June 2017

Last chance to register for AAMT conference

Time is running out to register to join colleagues from all over Australia at AAMT's biennial conference in Canberra, 11–13 July. 

View the full program and register on the conference website: http://www.cvent.com/events/aamt-2017-capital-maths/custom-19-c16fc2bbfded4e02923e672a3b589976.aspx

IMO teams announced

Australia's International Olypiad teams have just been announced:

International Olympiad in Informatics (28 July – 4 August, Tehran, Iran)                 

  • Richard Gong, Year 12, Sydney Grammar School, NSW
  • Charles Jameson, Year 12, Sydney Grammar School, NSW
  • Jerry Mao, Year 11, Caulfield Grammar School, VIC
  • Angus Ritossa, Year 10, St Peter’s College, SA

International Mathematical Olympiad (12–23 July, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

  • James Bang, Year 10, Baulkham Hills High School, NSW
  • Matthew Cheah, Year 12, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, VIC
  • Linus Cooper, Year 11, James Ruse Agricultural High School, NSW
  • William Hu, Year 11, Christ Church Grammar School, WA
  • Hadyn Tang, Year 8, Trinity Grammar School, VIC
  • Guowen Zhang, Year 11, St Joseph’s College, QLD

Congratulations to those selected and good luck!

Maths-related careers

The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) and the BHP Billiton Foundation have just launched a new campaign to help students explore maths-related career pathways. Watch out for launch packs and posters arriving at your school.

Go to http://teachers.choosemaths.org.au/careers

Free digital textbook

Westpac has partnered with digital maths program, Mathspace, to make their online maths textbook free for all Australians.

The digital textbook includes:

  • 30 000+ curriculum-aligned interactive questions with step-by-step hints
  • 7000+ video lessons created by maths teachers and academic experts
  • Full curriculum coverage from Year 3 to 12, aligned to national and State-specific curricula.

Go to https://mathspace.co/westpac/educator

[featured resource] Teaching Mathematics: Foundations to Middle Years (2nd Ed.)

Dianne Siemon, Kim Beswick, Kathy Brady, Julie Clark, Rhonda Faragher, Elizabeth Warren

While designed to help pre-service teachers develop confidence in their mathematical knowledge, this book is a wonderful resource for practicing teachers. The second edition includes new practical activites to use in the classroom, a 'teaching challenges' feature, and student examples linking theory to practice. All chapters have been updated to reflect the latest research, current theory and the revised Australian Curriculum. This book is a great resource on how to teach mathematics effectively to a range of age groups in diverse learning environments.

#OUP770 $110.00 * AAMT members $88.00 *


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