What’s your favorite Christmas Romance?

As Christmas approaches, do you read holiday-themed romances, or do you prefer a break from all of the Christmas spirit? I do a bit of both. I just finished reading a Christmas Regency Anthology, and am now onto a non-holiday book before I’ll return to the holiday stories. For those of you that love reading Christmas romance, there are some suggestions for you. I love sharing with you reads by other authors, as well as giveaways! At the bottom of this newsletter you will find four holiday group giveaways. I hope you click through and find your next great read. And if you haven't read it yet, Someday Her Duke Will Come also takes place during the holiday season. 

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Weekly Reads

Christmastide with my Captain

By Tammy Andersen

Can a wallflower find love?

Lady Emilia McDougal has watched love find each of her beloved sisters. When will it be her turn? She fears it will be never. Quiet and bookish, her shyness masks a fearless heart.

Captain Jack Andrews lost his love of the sea long ago, but he doesn't deserve to find the love of his life. Especially not with someone as stunning and kind as Emilia. When she saves his life, he wonders how she could ever think herself plain. If it were his place in life, he’d show her just how fascinatingly beautiful she is. But it isn’t.

How long can he resist those tempting lips, soft smile, and heartfelt words? And what will her father, the Earl of Ravenscraig, do if Jack doesn’t?

This is a Christmas novella that will introduce you to the heartfelt series, A Laird to Love. Each story is a standalone gauranteed to fill you with love and satisfy with an HEA (Happily Ever After). 

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By Amanda Mariel

A love of archery brings four young girls together to form The Lady Archer's Creed. Through their mutual love of the sport, they solidify an unbreakable bond, and each woman has a unique quality that adds to their dynamic friendship.

Lady Josephine Watkins never meant to shoot the Duke of Constantan. Driven by guilt and determined to see him well, she refuses to leave his side. She could not have guessed that the devilish duke would capture her heart.

Devon Mowbray, Duke of Constantan, came to Favershame Abbey out of curiosity. He'd only planned to meet the earl known as the beast of Favershame, then be on his way. He never intended on the head strong beauty sticking him with her arrow and stealing his heart in the process.

Despite the magic burning between them, a dangerous secret leaves Devon no choice but to push Josie away. Unbeknownst to him, she's already unraveled the truth and become more determined than ever to have his heart. Is their love strong enough to withstand what threatens to keep them apart?

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A Time for Everything

By Mysti Parker

After losing her husband and only child to the ravages of the Civil War, twenty-five-year-old Portia McAllister is drowning in grief. When she sees an ad for a live-in tutor in another town, she leaves everything behind in hopes of making a fresh start. But as a Confederate widow in a Union household, she is met with resentment from her new charge and her employer, war veteran Beau Stanford.

Despite their differences, she and Beau find common ground and the stirrings of a second chance at love—until his late wife’s cousin, Lydia, arrives with her sights set on him. Burdened with a farm on the brink of bankruptcy, Beau is tempted by Lydia’s hefty dowry, though Portia has captured his heart.

In another time and another place, his choice would be easy. But love seems impossible amid the simmering chaos of Reconstruction that could boil over at any moment into an all-out battle for survival. Will Beau and Portia find their way into each other’s arms, or will they be swept away by raging forces beyond their control?

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