realKNX v2 and new voice control system

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realKNX v2 and new voice control system

realKNX v2 Server

realKNX v2: new faster hardware

The Synology EDS14 has been our trusted workhorse for years but the time has come for a renewal of the realKNX server!

The new realKNX v2 server is based on an equally solid and reliable hardware but it is significantly faster. To be future proof, we have chosen Revolution Pi Core 3 - Industrial PC by Kunbus. It is powerful enough to support the next generation of features.

The new realKNX v2 offer includes

  1. realKNX v2 server and
  2. proServ

It replaces our current realKNX Package. The realKNX v2 offer is now available to special introductory price: 990€  1250 €

Datasheet RevPI Core 3 here.

Smarty-Vox Microphone

realKNX: Privacy guaranteed voice control for KNX

ProKNX was first to present Siri, Alexa and Google Home voice control for KNX and now we're proud to present the next level: offline voice control for KNX. Privacy is guaranteed

Smarty-Vox gateway

We have teamed up with Smarty-Vox for this. The Smarty-Vox solution is fully integrated with realKNX v2. The setup is faster and easier than a cloud based system - no online account is required. Note that it is possible to use Smarty-Vox with realKNX v1 (Synology) too, but it requires a few more steps!

The Smarty-Vox microphones supports up to 20 preconfigured voice commands.

These are the installation steps:

  1. Plug in gateway and it will be detected by realKNX.
  2. Pair the microphones with the gateway by pressing the button on each mic.
  3. For each voice command, select the KNX device to be controlled.
  4. Ready to use!

First version in German

The German version of the Smarty-Vox voice offline voice command system is available in our webshop now.


  • Starter-kit: 1 gateway + one mic = 150 €.
  • Additional mic: 60 €/u.

A French and English version will be available shortly. 

The German wake-up words are:

  • Angela
  • Ok Pippi

The German voice commands are:

  1. Ich bin daheim.
  2. Ich verlasse das Haus.
  3. Schalte Wohnzimmer.
  4. Schalte Küche.
  5. Schalte Esszimmer.
  6. Schalte Diele.
  7. Schalte Schlafzimmer.
  8. Schalte Kinderzimmer.
  9. Schalte Garten.
  10. Schalte Einfahrt.
  11. Schalte Licht aus.
  12. Schalte Musik.
  13. Schließe Rollladen.
  14. Öffne Rollladen.
  15. Aktiviere gemütlich.
  16. Aktiviere Abendessen.
  17. Aktiviere Empfang.
  18. Hilfe.


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