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26 April 2017

AAMT acquires Maths300

AAMT has taken over running the popular lesson resources website Maths300. The Council of AAMT is delighted to have the opportunity to continue to provide outstanding resources through Maths300.

For the time being it will be ‘business as usual’ – only the ownership and contacts have changed. Over time, the AAMT Council is committed to build on the work of the site's originators, Charles Lovitt and Doug Williams, to make Maths300 even better in its support of mathematics teaching in Australia. Go to www.maths300.com

2017 Kronosaurus Korner School Challenge

This year’s problem-solving team challenge is in two parts, each designed to appeal to a range of students from Years 5–9.

Teams may start the Challenge whenever they wish and must submit their work no more than one month after starting; 15 November 2017 is the deadline for submissions to the site.

Participation is free. For more information, go to www.kronosauruskorner.com.au/visit-us/education-schools/school-challenge

Vale Malcolm Swan

It is with great sadness that we pass on the news that Malcolm Swan passed away at home in the UK on 24 April after suffering from a serious illness for the past couple of years. Malcolm is well known and widely respected in this country for his work over several decades at the Shell Centre, Nottingham University. He had a distinguished career as a developer of innovative classroom materials, assessments and professional development. Although he will be sorely missed in international mathematics education circles, Malcolm Swan's substantial legacy of resources and influence will live on.

Featured resource: The Classroom Chef

John Stevens, Matt Vaudrey

The authors use the analogy of cooking as a means to creating engaging lessons: preparing the kitchen, setting the table, choosing a delicious appetiser, making a satisfying main course, finishing with dessert. In a mathematics lesson that translates to establishing a positive class culture, being thoroughly prepared, selecting a mathematical taster to build interest, creating a substantial and intriguing task, and finishing with assessment.

Written in a conversational style, this is an easy-to-read volume packed with wisdom about real classroom experiences, including recounts of failures as well as successes. It will speak strongly to any teacher who wants to improve their lessons to genuinely engage their students.

#BUR001 $45.00 * AAMT members $36.00 *


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