Allies and Enemies: Fallen by Amy J Murphy

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Lots of good stuff for you in here today!

First up, preparations for the launch of The Ares Initiative are rolling along on schedule! The ebook is done, the paperback version is approved and ready to go, and ARC copies have gone out to advance reviewers (which reminds me, I still have ARC copies available for those interested in joining my launch team—respond to this email and let me know who you are!).

I'm also doing something new and fun in May, as a bonus for you guys. I'm reading The Auriga Project (book 1 of the Translocator series!) on Facebook live video one chapter at a time. Click on these links to listen to/watch me read the chapters I've recorded so far:

Listen to The Auriga Project for free:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

If you leave the Facebook videos playing in a tab, it's basically like listening to an audiobook :-D You can watch the videos if you want to enjoy my awkwardness and goofy expressions when I mess up. Video isn't really my strength, but I'm trying to get comfortable with it!

There are 20 chapters in the book, so my plan is to read the whole novel this month—only 16 chapters left to go. Be sure to Like my Facebook page and keep an eye out for the next video.

I'll be sharing more fun stuff to celebrate the book launch coming soon. Now, to this week's awesome sci-fi book.

This week's book is Allies and Enemies: Fallen by Amy J. Murphy. This awesome, action-packed military sci-fi novel features a badass heroine and was nominated for the Dragon Award in 2016.

Because I really like this book, and Amy is an awesome indie author, I'm also giving away 5 free copies of the ebook. Click here to enter to win a copy!

(The giveaway is Amazon US only, unfortunately — if you're outside the US, check the other giveaway below, which is not bound by a region).

Whew! That's a lot for one email. Hope you get some joy out of it.

See you next week with another SFF book :)

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I want this book!


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