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From The Chief

Hello Tahosa Lodge!

This past weekend we set up a booth for the OA at the Denver Area Council Scout Show in the Denver Coliseum! If you stopped by you would’ve seen our Cuboree booth, trading post, our chapter booths, and a little bit of history about the lodge. We thank anyone who came by to visit. Scout Show was a blast! Right now, the Lodge is gearing up for our two induction weekends in May; Cony Parties one and two. For more information check tahosalodge.org.

Hope to see you there!
Phillip Alvarez
Tahosa Lodge Chief

From The Adviser

Spring is in full swing and it is time to prepare to welcome our new members at our induction weekends. I have fond memories of these from when I was a youth in scouting. Truth is, not much has changed in that we are doing a great deal of service work at our council camps to help prepare them for another great year of summer camp programs. The only difference between now and back then is back then, we held them in June and it didn’t snow.  Don’t we all love Colorado weather in May?

We had a fantastic time at Philmont last month at our joint section conclave. Over two hundred Arrowmen from New Mexico and Colorado met in Philmont for a fun weekend of competition, training, planning and fellowship.  Also, our section elected a new section chief, and guess what?  We know him well as one of our own. Congratulations Kyle Pearson on becoming our new Section Chief and for representing our section’s four lodges. We look forward to working with you and your team.

Our lodge will be hosting an OA Ice cream social this summer each week at our camps and I am going to be reaching out to ask for a few of you to help with these.   We are looking for friendly faces to talk about what OA is and what our lodge does. We will have handouts and banners to help promote. Please look for an email from me in the next couple of weeks with signup information.   We really need to boost our visibility at our council camps and I am requesting your help with these. They will typically be on Monday nights and we will need to cover 3 different camps on the same night.


Billy Reynolds
Lodge Adviser

Register For Cony Parties

Register Here!

Be an Elangomat

We need 10 Elangomats to help each Cony Party. An Elangomat guides the ordeal candidates through their ordeal. As a reward, you get a shirt, a patch, and a pint of ice cream.  Register for a Cony Party.

Complete Your Brotherhood

If you have been an OA member for 10 or more months. You are now eligible to take the next step in your OA journey by completing your brotherhood. Brotherhood is how you seal your membership in the OA. You are not redoing your Ordeal. We have a special program that starts Friday night and wraps up Sunday morning. The best part is you can talk. To complete your brotherhood, sign up for an upcoming cony party.  For more information visit https://tahosalodge.org/brotherhood/.

NOAC Contingent Spot Available

Tahosa Lodge has one youth contingent slot that has become available.  If you missed out on signing up to be a part of the contingent for the National Order of the Arrow Conference in Bloomington, Indiana, here is your opportunity!

For more information, questions or to apply for the open slot for NOAC, please contact the Contingent Adviser at nmbreth@gmail.com

2018 Section Conclave

Thank you to everyone that joined us at the Section W2-S Conclave at the Philmont Traning Center. Mark your calendar for April 12-14, 2019, next year's Conclave. Tahosa Lodge is hosting and the event is bound to be awesome.  

Kyle Pearson Elected Section Chief

At the Conclave business meeting Kyle Pearson was elected by the section to serve as the 2018-2019 Chief. After his election, Kyle nominated Cam Grieser to be Section Vice Chief, he was then elected by acclamation. Kyle who has been serving as the Vice Chief of Inductions for Tahosa Lodge will be stepping down to serve in the new position. We will update you with details of the search for a new Vice Cheif. Congratulations Kyle!

Join us for the 2019 World Scout Jamboree at the Summit in 2019!

The next World Scout Jamboree will be held here in the United States for the first time in 50 years! The WSJ is the largest world scout party on the planet, with more than 50,000 Scouts from more than 169 countries.  Applications are still being accepted for participants (age 14 - 17), International Service Team (staff, over the age of 18) and adult volunteers (18 and over).   The Jamboree will have all that the Summit has to offer, PLUS a wide range of activities to meet Scouts from around the world.  Open to both Scouts and Venturers.  Scholarships are available.  For more information, and to apply, go to wsj2019.us and follow the US Contingent on social, #WSJ2019USA.

The Arrow points the way…Always!

I remember as a Scout watching an Order of the Arrow Callout Ceremony and thinking to myself, “THIS is what Scouting is all about!!” The OA helped me see what Scouting was supposed to be. Servant Leadership, Brotherhood and cheerful service. It all made sense as soon as you put the focus on it that the Order of the Arrow does.  It  made everything I was learning and experiencing as a Scout a richer and more fulfilling experience because OA IS Scouting! 

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White Buffalo Update

Hello fellow Arrowman, the White Buffalo Chapter has done a lot of cool things this month and there are more activities coming up. Earlier this month we had our chapter meeting where we pulled weeds to give back to our chartered organization. We also cleaned up some of their gardens area, were we pick up leaves, pine needles, and trash. It was a fun time and then we had pizza that the meeting.

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White Eagle Update

This past February White Eagle Chapter helped host Arapahoe district Klonderee in the most streamlined fashion we have ever seen. Growing through the push of elections that is projected to be a high for our chapter's history. It is set to blow every expectation out of the water through the great leadership and community that we hold. We are striving to become the best that we have ever been and will continue on an upward trend for many years to come.


Noah Castaneda

Tahosa Lodge is Hiring

We have a few opportunities within our lodge’s leadership that are currently vacant.

Youth Openings

  • Social Media Chairman 
  • Graphic Design Chairman 
  • Service to Troops Chairman 

Adult Openings

  • Elections Adviser
  • Social Media Adviser
  • Graphic Design Adviser
  • Service to Troops Adviser
  • Alumni Adviser

If you are interested in any of these positions contact our lodge adviser Bill Reynolds, lodgeadviser@tahosalodge.org

2018 Event Calendar

Visit the 2018 Event Calendar

Pay Your Dues

All Arrowmen must pay annual dues to maintain their active membership in Tahosa Lodge. 2018 dues are $17. You must pay your dues to participate in all lodge events. Wear the Sash, Pay the Dues.

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