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Happy summer!

Lake Tahoe was beautiful, but I'm back in Austin now where it's hot as Hades. I don't know about you, but that's all the excuse I need to stay in this weekend and read a good book. :)

Today I've got two for you, plus a chance to win one of three signed sets of the Translocator Trilogy!

To start us off, for the futuristic dystopian lovers, Michael W. Huard's Land of the Free is an exciting debut about a broken America in the year 3016, and the kickbutt women who are trying to save the country from tyranny.

Based on the cover, people who enjoyed Wonder Woman should enjoy this action-packed novel.

Next up, one of the most popular books in the book club so far was the space adventure Black Dawn by K. Gorman. The fourth book in that series was just released. It's called World Shift, and it continues the story of Karin Makos as she and her sister settle on Chamak with the crew of the Nemina.

Karin is trying to do some good in the world by healing the Lost that the Shadows have taken. Unfortunately, time is not on her side...

Finally, would you like to win a signed set of my Translocator Trilogy books? I'm giving away three complete paperback sets! Enter here and share it with your friends!

(For the few who had trouble entering the last giveaway, I'm using KingSumo's new web app now rather than the old self-hosted version, so I hope you don't encounter any issues! But if you do, please do reply to this email and I'll get you sorted.)

See you next week with another SFF book!

- M.G. Herron

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