Stephanieruns Fitness: February 25, 2018 Newsletter
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You workout because you have goals.

You can't reach your goals if you're on the couch with an injury.


Today's newletter is all about warming up.

February 25, 2018 Newsletter

First I want to let you know I've switched e-mail services. So if you're seeing this for the first time (I was getting complaints my e-mails were going into people's spam folder) welcome! If you don't want to receive my weekly newsletter, no worries there's an unsubscribe link below.

Today I want to talk about warming up before you workout. I often cringe when I see people at the gym start hard into their workout without warming up. Think of warming up like your morning coffee.  You wouldn't leave the house without your coffee so don't start your workout without warming up!

So why is warming up important? Warming up gets your body ready for exercise. It increases your heart rate, gets your blood flowing and lubricates your joints. If you don't warm up before you workout you have a higher risk of injury.

I recommend a dynamic warm up before working out. A dynamic warm up will get your body moving, raise your heart rate and help lubricate your joints. I do not recommend static stretching before working out as static stretches while your body is cool also puts you at a higher risk of injury.

Here's a sample dynamic warm up to get you started. You should change your warm up to fit the workout you will be working on to help prepare the muscles you'll be recruiting. 

1) step ups (use a bench, chair or stair and step up)

2) side step ups (turn to the side and step up, don't forget to switch sides)

3) lateral shuffle

4) leg swings (front, side and diagnonally)

5) arm circles (small and large)

6) arm swings

7) twisting on your spine (standing looking in front of you, twist on your spine and look behind you)

8) pretend there is an object in front of your toes. Bend down pick it up and lift it over your head

There's hundreds of moves you can add into a dynamic warm up. Above are a few to get you thinking and started on your own. As always if you have any questions send me a message I'd love to chat!

Static Stretching

I often get asked, and was asked a couple times on twitter if you should do static stretching before or after your workout. 

I don't recommend static stretching before your workout, your muscles need to be warm for static stretches. Always do a dynamic warm up before you workout.

You can do static stretching or foam rolling after a workout. The only exception is if you just ran a marathon. In that case you would need to wait a couple of hours before stretching.

Weekly Challenge: Warm Up!

Your challenge for this week is to warm up before all of your workouts. I'd like you to try a dynamic warm up which warms up the muscles you will be working prior to your workout.

I'd also like you to try doing static stretches or foam rolling after your workouts. Again focus on the muscles you just used.

Let me know what you did and how it went!

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