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New SciFi Bestseller from Morganna Williams

USA TODAY bestselling author Kallista Dane***** FIVE STARS *****  The Hunter's Mate is a decadent treat!



NSFW Excerpt:  

Reyna wasn’t sure of that but she was ready to accept him and his punishment so she simply nodded, surrendering herself to his will.


He wasted no time going down on one knee and pulling her face down across it so her body dangled over his long leg and her bottom arched high to receive his correction. His hand fell hard and fast, making her howl from the first swat.


Again and again Hale’s hand fell as she yelped and begged for mercy but he didn’t stop until her backside felt like she’d sat on a camp stove and burned her butt bad. It was hot and swollen but the heat also seemed to be radiating to other areas and her arousal was trickling down the insides of her thighs.


“Are you going to behave yourself now, mate?”


Reyna sniffled as another hard swat caught her right on the crease where her bottom and thigh met. That area felt so scorched she wasn’t sure she’d ever sit comfortably again. “Yes, sir.”


Then his hand became caressing as it slid over the hot tender flesh he’d so thoroughly punished, making her groan in appreciation. “Are you ready to accept me as your mate?”


She licked her lips and looked up over her shoulder at him. “Yes, Hale, my hunter.”


Hale placed her on the forest floor, the smell of leaves and earth surrounding them as she waited for him on her hands and knees. The scene played out exactly as it had in her head. He would take her this way, filling her from behind and marking her as his for all time.
He sank to his knees behind her and urged her legs apart, and then she felt his tongue sliding through her wet slit as he licked from her clit all the way to her anus in one long stroke. He growled appreciatively, the vibration sending another jolt of desire through her body. “Another time I will enjoy feasting on you here, mate, but now I must make you mine.”


Reyna found herself instinctively pressing her chest to the ground and moving her legs even further apart as he came up over her. She shivered as the broad head of his shaft teased against her tight opening and couldn’t help pressing back against him.

His hand came around to stroke her clit, making a frisson of fire shoot from her clit to the place where he was slowly sinking inside of her and stretching her wide. “Oooh… Please, Hale… please…” she cried, feeling like she would die if he didn’t fill her completely in the next moment.


His other hand slapped her tender bottom, sending another jolt of pleasure through her. “Patience, mate,” he said as his body eased back out almost all the way and then drove back inside, each inward thrust filling her with more of his delicious cock and teasing her sensitive inner walls. Then she felt him come up against the barrier of her innocence and this time when he withdrew he drove back in hard, breaking the tiny membrane that was the proof of her virginity.


Reyna moaned as pleasure and pain seemed to twine together and hold her up on the precipice of something she didn’t completely understand, she only knew she wanted more. This time Hale didn’t withdraw; instead he kept pushing inside until she felt his balls pressing against her entrance and her tight channel felt almost unbearably stretched.


Hale stroked her back as her body became accustomed to him, his fingers continuing to stroke that little bundle of nerves that slicked her passage even more for him. Soon Reyna was moaning and rocking her body back and forth in an effort to get some friction.
That was when he began to move, pulling almost completely out and then slamming back inside as his fingers continued to tweak and worry her swollen little nub. Hale’s free arm wrapped around her waist and lifted her back to his chest as he pumped in and out of her without mercy, a hand coming up to cup her left breast and pinch at her nipple.


“You are mine, Reyna of the mountain. I claim you as my mate for now and always.” Hale said the words just as his teeth sank into the place where her shoulder met her neck and he drove his cock in deep.




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Exclusive Three M's Interview with Bestselling Author, Measha Stone!

Happy Easter, Everyone!


Today, we have the hilarious Measha Stone visiting with us! Sit back, relax, and enjoy this interview!


Meredith: Who/what inspired you to become an erotic romance author?


Measha: I love the romance genre, so that was a pretty easy decision to make when deciding where to start my writing.  I love kink. I can’t imagine having a relationship without it, so I couldn’t very well write a romance without it either. It’s a whole dynamic, not just a way to have sex, and it’s a big part of these relationships that I write. So, I guess I would say, my personal passions really pushed me into erotic romance.



Morganna: I feel the same way! What is the most difficult type of scene for you to write and why?


Measha: Lately it’s sex scenes.  I start worrying that I’m repeating activities done in previous books. I stress over not getting enough emotion into the scene, and struggle to make sure there’s a point for the scene. I don’t like to have sex in the story just for the sake of sex, same with spankings or other play activities.  Sex really does make things more complicated.


Maddie: Its hard to strike the right mix. I’ve had reviews that said sex, sex, sex, too much sex! (Is there such a thing?) and other say not enough sex. So, you can’t always please everyone, but I’m with you on not adding sex for the sake of sex, then we shift more to erotica than romance. (Not that there is anything wrong with that LOL ) What is your favorite part about being an author?


Measha: Writing. Pretty simple really. I have always loved diving into my head to find out what my characters are up to. Even when I wasn’t writing, I was telling myself stories. Making up scenarios and scenes. So that’s truly my favorite part.


Meredith: I love writing too, except when my muse doesn’t want to talk to me. You do a weekly video post on Facebook. Do you think that’s something that more authors should be doing? Does it increase your readership, do you think?


Measha: I’m not sure if it’s increased my readership at all. I think it’s probably the other way. I get a new reader and they find the videos. I think every author has to find their unique and comfortable way of reaching out to their readers. Video, newsletters, Facebook groups, whatever it is that helps them connect is going to work well for them, and make the readers happy as well.


Morganna: You definitely made a fan out of me with your videos. I always enjoy them! As stated in the last question, you do a weekly video post on Facebook. Do your friends and family know that you write erotic romance stories? If so, how did you tell them and how did they take the news?


Measha: Yes. At first, I tried to hide it from extended family. Only my siblings and parents knew, but the more books I put out, the more word got around. So, by now I’d say a good chunk of my family knows. I’ve been very lucky and have had a lot of support. No one has recoiled in disgust or tried to talk me out of what I write. A few family members read some of my books and then told me how much they enjoyed them, so it’s been a pretty positive reaction


Maddie: That sure must make family dinners easier J  Wondering if you were going to be outed to Aunt Harriet by accident had to be stressful. Have you ever experienced writers block before? If so, got any tips on how to get past it?


Measha: I have times where I just don’t want to write. Usually, it’s because I’m stuck and don’t know where to take the next step or I’m just tired and being lazy. If I’m stuck- which is probably the closest to blocked as I get- I talk it out. I can be seen pacing my room, or kitchen, or hallway muttering to myself trying to work out the problem. And once I have it, you’ll hear me yell and run to my office to jot down the fix. 


Meredith: That’s nice that you normally are able to ‘talk it out’ with your characters. In your author bio, it says that you’ve been published in many vanilla magazines, but found your love in erotic writing. What’s the biggest difference (besides the obvious) between writing for a vanilla audience and a kinky audience?  


Measha: My vanilla writing isn’t romance at all. That really is the biggest difference. If I write a romance, I need there to be kink, and dirty stuff going on. When I write something in the vanilla world, it’s usually thriller or suspense.


Morganna: I’d love to read one of your thriller or suspense stories one day. You recently self published a book. How did you like that process vs going through a traditional publisher?


Measha: There is so much more work when you’re doing it on your own! It was an exciting learning process, and I’m sure the next book I do on my own will be a bit smoother. Both publishing routes have their advantages and disadvantages. Now that I’ve experienced both, I’m pretty happy with my decision to go hybrid.  I can go a little darker with my self-published works and still have the advantages of having a publisher at my side for other work.


Maddie: That’s what I do pretty much too. I’m a firm believer in not burning bridges. Now, onto the personal questions of the interview, Meredith’s favorite part! What’s your favorite season?


Measha: Fall- I love the colors. Best time of the year to go hiking.


Meredith: Fall is my favorite season too! If you could meet any of the characters from Mystery Inc, who would it be?


Measha: Scooby and Shaggy. The others are just too stuffy for me.


Morganna: Those two would have me in tears if I ever met them. You are such a funny person, did you ever consider a career as a stand up comedian?


Measha: Nope. Although, I did consider doing a standup routine for the talent show in grade school once- for about thirty seconds. Then came to my senses, put on my homemade costume, and danced to I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston for the crowd instead- it probably got the same reaction.


Maddie: No way! I bet you would have everyone in fits of laughter. But I get you. The right mix of comedy is hard, like we said about sex! What’s your favorite color?


Measha: Black


Meredith: Such a classic color, black is. If you could meet any person dead or alive, who would it be and why?


Measha: Amelia Earhart. I want to know what the hell happened!


Morganna: I never thought of that, but that would be an excellent person to meet!


Thank you Measha for letting Maddie, Meredith, and I interview you. We really appreciate it! J

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Bridget's Brilliantly Bad Idea ~~An Original Short Story~~ by Maddie Taylor

Part Two

April Fools


Sitting in the same short skirt, at the same bar stool at O’Halloran’s, two weeks and a day from the event that started this whole crazy ball rolling, Bridget sipped another pint, a large, less the blue and yellow food coloring this time around. The bell over the door jingled, and immediately her gaze rose to the mirror behind the bar. She took in the twenty-something couple who entered with disappointment before glancing at the Killian’s Irish Red neon wall clock for the hundredth time in the past hour. It was after six. If Sean were coming tonight, he would be walking in any time now.

“Waiting for someone?”

She turned to see Riley behind the bar and barely kept her lip from curling in disgust as she recalled everything Sean had told her about him. His brother Mike had poured her drink—good thing. She wouldn’t trust anything served by his pig of a brother ever again. She wasn’t planning to order anything else, but if she did, tonight or in the future, it’d be a bottle, and she’d ask a screw cap, left on.

Dialing back her animosity as best she could, she answered him, “What makes you say that?”

“Oh, I don’t know, the way your eyes keep darting back and forth between the clock and the door like you’re watching a tennis match.”

She gave him a small smile she didn’t mean and sipped her beer. He might be a dawg, but he was observant.

“It wouldn’t be your friend, Moira, would it? We had something going the other night before Mickey Dwyer butted in and put her in a cab home.”

Cop blocked. Good for Mick. Even better for Moira.

“She works downtown and moved out of the neighborhood. I don’t see her much, and you shouldn’t expect to either. Besides, she told me she’s interested in someone.” Her friend had freaked out when she learned about Riley O’Halloran’s special cocktails. Almost succumbing to a player while drunk would do that to a girl.

The bell jangled again. This time, when Bridget searched the mirror for a tall man with dark chestnut hair, she found him.

“And there they are, Boston’s finest,” Riley muttered before he called out, “What’ll it be, boys? Six large pints, as usual?”

She heard sounds of approval but didn’t turn and tried to pretend she wasn’t watching in the mirror as they made their way to a table. Now, to put her plan into action.

Turning on her stool, sideways to the bar, in profile to the table of the six new arrivals, she crossed her legs, not adjusting her hem when it crept higher up her thigh. She leaned forward, stretching for the bowl of pretzels just out of reach. Rather than getting up, she bent further at the waist. Right as she snagged the rim of the bowl, she teetered on the stool and fell forward coming all the way off it. Stumbling, she clumsily caught herself on the bar with both hands, making a loud clatter as she knocked over the pretzels, the bowl skidding over the side in the process.

She’d meant to execute the maneuver in a slow, sexy stretch, hoping to draw a pair of azure blue eyes, but loud and bungling worked just as well. In fact, out of the corner of her eye, she saw all six men gazing her way. She went with it and really poured it on.

“Oh, clumsy me,” she gushed, giggling as if she had three pints, not three sips. She squatted, extra careful in her mid-thigh length skirt no to show more than intended, though she made sure to aim her ass in Sean’s direction. After slowly gathering up the spilled snacks, which took a while for real since most of them broke into pieces or slid across the tile floor when they landed, she stood and gave the bartender a wide-eyed apologetic look. “Sorry, Riley. I made a mess.”

He glanced at her nearly full beer, then gave her a narrow-eyed confused look. She didn’t blame him. Minutes ago, she’d been talking to him as sober as a nun; now she was acting like she was drunk on two sips of light ale. 

“No worries,” he drawled as he exchanged the bowl she handed him with a fresh one. “Are you feeling all right, Bridget?”

“Peachy!” she quipped, beaming at him brightly, then she turned and sauntered to her stool. Taking a few tries while showing lots of leg, she finally climbed back up. Crossing them, then uncrossing them, and re-crossing them for good measure, she settled in and raised the rim of her glass to her perfectly done up lips. When she felt a presence behind her, she deliberately kept her eyes off the mirror.

“This is déjà vu I would have never expected to happen.”

“What?” she cried, jumping a little before she spun her glass held aloft. Her knees hit Sean’s hard thigh—something she hadn’t planned either—which abruptly stopped her momentum, but not the beer in her glass which promptly sloshed over the side and all over the front of his shirt.  Genuinely appalled at what she’d done, Bridget stared at the soaked spot, his chin dipping toward his chest as he did the same.

Her hand rose to mouth as she whispered, “Oops.” In for a penny in for a pound, as her father always said, she took the opportunity presented to her and upped her game by breaking into a fit of giggles. An instant later, she was only half faking because the shocked expression on his face when he looked up at her was hilarious.

She bit her lip, as though trying to reel it in before she tipped only her eyes up at him.  “I got you all wet, but fancy meeting you here, Detective.”

“How many have you had, Bridget?”

“Oh, not much,” she replied, misleading him by action, not with her words. By her calculation, two sips equaled not much. She pushed the line between fact and fiction, however, when she added, “I’m still in complete possession of my facilities.” She paused, frowning for affect—Kate would be impressed. “No, I meant, fucalaties. Rats,” she muttered and tried once more. “Faculties.  Yes, that’s it.”

Unamused, Sean looked at Riley who stood watching her still wearing a mystified expression and asked him the same thing. “How many beers is this?”

“I have no idea, man? I just got here. But she seemed okay a few minutes ago.”

“Of course, I’m okay,” she put in. “Remember? I’m peachy!”

Sean looked up and down the length of the bar, and back toward the restrooms. “Are you here alone?”

“Sadly, yes. Katelyn, Moira, and Shannon have gone back to their new lives, leaving me here all by my lonesome. Want to join me and keep me company? I’m buying.” She leaned to the side, peering around his big body. “But you’re here with your detective friends, and I can’t afford a round for the house.” Laying it on thick, she turned her lower lip down in a pout. “Maybe next time, ay, Murph?” Spinning on her stool, she faced the bar again. “I’ll just sit here and commiserate with Mr. O’Hara’s finest pale ale.”

“Since when do you call me Murph?”

“Since today,” she said with a cheeky grin while meeting his annoyed gaze in the mirror. “It’s a good nickname, don’t you think? Hey! I got an idea.” She spun again and smacked her hand on his chest. “You can call me Sully, and I’ll call you Murph.” She glanced at Riley, slapping her hand on the bar in front of him. “And you can be…” Her smile slowly faded as her shoulders slumped. “Your name doesn’t shorten well, does it? O’Hally doesn’t sound right, and Loran sounds like a girl. Sorry, Riley, you’ll have to stay plain ole Riley O’Harallan.” Seeing his eyes bug out as she slaughtered his name, she collapsed into giggles again.

A long muscular arm attached to a big masculine hand reached over her shoulder and took the beer from her fingers. He passed it to Riley.

“I wasn’t done with that!”

“You are now,” came a deep, growl in her ear. She was spinning once more on the stool, but not under her own power. This time Sean was in control. When she faced him, he didn’t look at all happy with her when he asked, “What did I say would happen if I found you like this again?”

“I don’t know. You said so many things.”

“Think hard.”

She leaned in, and with one hand still on his chest, slowly trailed the tip of her finger down his tie, from the loose knot at his throat all the way to where it ended in a point just at his belt. “I think you said you’d deliver on a promise to…” She glanced around to make sure Riley had disappeared. Since he hadn’t and stood a few feet away watching, she stretched to get as close to Sean’s ear as possible.  

After two weeks, the long days consumed with memories of him kissing her, holding her tight, and sweeping her up in his strong arms to carry her to this bed, she was ready to relive it. But this time, she didn’t want him to leave her to sleep it off, she wanted to act out the fantasies which had kept her up during the even longer nights. Instead of a stern lecture and a warning, she wanted to know what it would be like if he pulled her across his thickly muscled thighs and paddled her bare ass with his broad palm until she promised to behave. And, when he was done, she could think of nothing more perfect than for him to fuck her, hard and fast, until she came screaming his name.

She squirmed on the stool, as aroused now as she was when she woke in a sweat from that same dream.

Using his tie clutched in her fist for balance, she whispered in his ear, “You promised to spank me, Sean.” That her answer to his demand came out as more of a request, wasn’t an act, or a blunder, or a mistake; it was intentional.

His eyes flashed with heat a moment before he muttered, “No time like the present then, is there?” He caught her wrist and pulled her off the stool, pacing quickly to the door with her in tow.

 With Sean ten inches taller, his strides double hers in length, and Bridget in boots with heels, she had to scramble to keep up.

“My bill,” she cried breathlessly. “I need to pay—“

“Mick,” he called to the five men watching the scene unfold before their eyes. “See to Bridget’s tab, will you? We’ve got unfinished business.”

“Sure thing, Murph. Anything I can help with?”

“No,” he answered brusquely while opening the door and guiding her through ahead of him. “I think I’ve got this covered.”

Outside, he didn’t slow as he grabbed her hand again and hauled her to the parking lot and his familiar black truck.

O’Halloran’s kept a well-maintained pub, but their parking lot was a mess. Potholes and broken asphalt were the rule, not the exception; neither conducive to a brisk walk in sneakers let alone four-inch heels.              

“Sean, wait, I can’t keep up in these shoes.”

He stopped, though only long enough to bring her into his side and wrap a long steely arm around her waist. Then, he was off again at the same clip, but this time lending his strength to help her keep up.

At the passenger door, he beeped the locks and opened it.  “Get in,” he ordered.

“Uh, where are we going?”

“My place, to do what I should have done the other night. Teach you a lesson.”

Suddenly, the teasing game she was playing seemed all too real.  To him it was real.

Feeling guilty, and suspecting she’d bitten off more than she was ready for, she couldn’t continue misleading him. “Sean, I… need to tell you something.”

“No wheedling your way out of it this time. You’re getting spanked, how long and how hard depends on how fast you learn to never, ever, drink on your own in a pub until you’re so drunk you’re unsafe. If it takes my belt to drive this lesson home and you don’t sit for a week, so be it.”


But his patience was at an end. He grabbed her around the waist and hefted her into the cab, making sure to slide her legs inside before he slammed the door.

In seconds, he was behind the wheel.

“I’m not drunk.”

He ignored her claim and started the truck with the push of a button. The engine rumbled to life, and she had to speak louder to be heard. “I swear, it’s the truth. I only had two or three sips out of that pint.”

“You were acting like you had a damn sight more than a few sips. You were giggling and fell off the bar stool for Christ’s sake. You knocked over the pretzels and sloshed beer everywhere, including all over me.”

“That’s just it. I was acting. Well, not with the beer and pretzels, unfortunately, that was clumsy ole me. But the rest... I, um, wanted you to think I had more.”

He hit the brakes, pulled into an empty space, and slammed the gear shift into park. Then, he twisted to face her, one arm draped over the steering wheel, while aiming his angry, blazing hot, blue-eyed gaze her way. She blinked, having a foggy recollection she’d done this before.   

“Say again?” he demanded in a deep, scary voice.

She swallowed, ready to leap out and run for the hills, but she’d dove head first into this screwy plan, which was working perfectly. If she was going to bail midway through, she needed to have the balls to own up to everything. “It was an act.”

“What the fuck, Bridget?”

“I know; it was a brilliantly bad idea.”

“Bad doesn’t even come close! Why would you do such a thing?”

“Um, April Fools?” Under his blistering hot scowl, she winced, then blurted out in a rush, “I was trying to get your attention, okay?”

The ensuing silence was deafening because as she waited anxiously for his response, it allowed her to hear the pounding of her heart in her chest.

When it came, his soft, calm voice was incongruent to the look on his face, both dark with anger and downright frightening. “Well, baby, you win because you damn sure have it.”   

“I’m sorry, Sean.”

“I can’t believe you played me.”

“Yes, but you wouldn’t—”

He held up his hand, cutting her off before she could say more. A muscle twitched in his cheek as seconds went by and he said nothing. Then, as if he’d counted down from ten, he spoke in a hard voice, looking anything but cool. He probably should have counted to twenty, maybe fifty. Holy crap she was in it deep.

“Let me see if I have this straight. You flirted with Riley who I told you was a womanizing asshole and did so in a skirt up to your ass, crossing and uncrossing your legs, drawing every man’s eye in the goddamned bar. Then, acting like you were shitfaced, which was a spot-on impersonation of two weeks ago by the way—bravo—you reached for those damn pretzels flashing not only legs and ass, but an impressive amount of cleavage and everything else down to your navel, just to get my attention?”

She glanced down, saw most of the inner and upper curves of her breasts, and slapped her hand over the scooped neckline of her tee.  Jesus, Mary, and Joseph—flashing her boobs was never part of the plan.

“I want you to clue me in, right now, on what kind of teasing game you cooked up and what you hoped to achieve from it because, swear to God, Bridget, this shit is fucked up!” The legendary calm was decimated thanks to her actions, and his voice rose steadily, ending in a shout.

Whose stupid idea was this anyway? Katelyn! Next time she saw her, she was dead meat.

“Answer me.”

“I wasn’t teasing.”

“Sure seemed like it from where I was sitting.”

“You don’t understand. I wanted—” Her voice trailed off as uncertainty in the face of his anger rushed back.

Moving so fast she didn’t have time to react, he released her seat belt, grasped her by the arms, and hauled her across the cab. Face to face, so close their breath intermingled, he said in a low, insistent growl, “You’re right. I don’t understand, so you’re going to have to make it clear to me. What do you want?”

“You, Sean,” she choked out, managing no more than a hoarse whisper. “I have for a long, long time but didn’t realize it until it was pointed out to me only recently.”

She saw his brow furrow in confusion and his mouth turn down further, the latter something she wouldn’t have thought possible considering his irritated, angry state. Her heart pounding in her chest already, the knots in her belly twisted tighter for this next part, but she powered through, channeling her inner Katelyn.

“I put on the show in the bar hoping to get more than your attention. I wanted you to do what you’re doing now.”

“And what’s that? Take you home to spank your ass red until you can’t sit for a week? Because it’s what I had in mind, babe, and after this stunt, it’s still in the cards, believe me.”

 “I want you to do more than spank me, although heaven knows it’s all I’ve been able to think about since you threatened to right here in this very truck two weeks ago.” She saw his chin jerk, surprise parting his lips, but didn’t slow, far from done bearing her soul.  “I want you to be with you, to laugh and talk as easy as we’ve always done, but I also want you to touch me, to hold me, to take me in your arms and kiss me.” Her voice broke, tears stinging her eyes, but still, she pushed forward. “I’ve been in love with you my whole life. Well… since I was five and you were ten, and Daniel brought you over to play whiffle ball in the backyard.”

 As she rambled, his hands moved from her arms to her back, one coming to rest low just above the upper curves of her bottom, the other slid into her hair and pulled her head back. His eyes were still ablaze, but with something other than anger now. Thank goodness!

She should savor being exactly where she wanted to be, at long last, but the chatterbox in her had been unleashed, and once out was hard to reel in.

“You were the most beautiful boy I’d ever seen, and I remember hoping you and Danny would be best friends so I could look at you every day. Then you did, and I got to watch you grow into an even more beautiful man. But also, into so much more than that. Look at all you’ve accomplished: All-State in football and basketball, graduating with honors, and going on to play college ball—even if you did pick Maryland to do it.” Still a sore spot, her nose wrinkled in distaste. “But I forgave you because you came back home. Now you’re a cop and made detective at thirty, which is unheard of so young. You’re respected by everyone, both as a good cop and a good man. And I’m proud of the good man you’ve become.”

Finally, she ran out of steam, and breath. Then, she waited, her heart thumping in her chest ticking off the seconds until she would get his reaction. She counted to ten and couldn’t stand it anymore. “Well?” Her voice squeaked with nervousness. “Aren’t you going to say something?”

His fingers tightened in her hair, his eyes, now filled with amusement scanned her face, and his lips twitched as if on the verge of a smile.

“Yeah, Bridge,” he drawled. “I was waiting for you to be through. Are you?”

She nodded.  “I’m done, for now, I guess. But it depends on what you have to say. So, I reserved the right to change my mind.”

His smile broke into a full grin. “Shut it.”

With a slow, startled blink, she asked. “What?”

“Stop talking, baby, so I can do all the things you want me to, things I’ve wanted to do for a long time too.”


“Fuck, yeah. But a lot of that time you were an adorable girl who made me laugh. And you’re just as adorable now, but you’ve grown into a woman, and wanting you now won’t get me arrested.”

She liked the sound of most of that, but not all of it and protested, “I’m not adorable. I’m creeping up on thirty, and thirty-year-olds are not adorable. According to Danny, I’m a pain in the ass. Dad said so too only recently while reading me the riot act after my St. Paddy’s Day screw-up. Something I have Mickey to thank for, which I don’t think I’ll forgive him for it any time soon.”

Still grinning, he shook his head. “You had it coming, although I have to disagree with your old man and brother on the other.”

She smiled sweetly up at him, but not for long because he clarified his point.

“You, sweetheart, are a royal pain in the ass.”

Her eyes narrowed at him. “That may be true, which only proves the point I’m not adorable.”

His chuckle vibrated through his chest and into hers. Her breath caught as warmth spread through her body. She should be offended at being called a royal pain after her heartfelt declaration, but she couldn’t too struck by how gorgeous he became this close.

“You are adorable, Bridge, and can still make me laugh. You’re also intelligent—when you use the sense God gave you instead of listening to your instigating friends.” She opened her mouth to come to the defense of her BFF’s but got another squeeze; he was far from done. “And you’re great to be around when you aren’t soused on green beer and dancing on bars with your ass hanging out. Although a command performance with an audience of one, that one being me, wouldn’t be amiss. And, due respect to your dad and brother who I love like family, but let’s leave them out of this. I don’t want thoughts of them in my head when I finally have your sexy little body with all its soft curves—which are just how I like ‘em by the way—pressed up against me.”

For once, she was speechless. Parts of what he’d said was incredibly sweet, some of it was harsh in its truthfulness, but the parts about her body made her realize the girls had been right. He did see her as more than his friend’s pesky little sister.  

“You’re not talking. Are you all right?”

Too choked up to say anything at all, she shook her head, or as best she could with his hand wound in her hair.

“Bridget Catherine Sullivan rendered speechless; this is a first.” He dipped his head close. “But I’ll take the opening and be grateful for it.”

She felt the soft rush of his breath on her lips before the touch of his mouth. Gentle, at first, it was whisper soft. Not hard, mashing her lips against her teeth painfully, or all tongue like some men she’d dated. Not Sean. With the right amount of pressure and wetness, and he tasted so good; it was perfect. A whimper of pure contentment rose from her throat.

He raised his head, eyes catching hers, passion brimming in their blue depths, and she knew she was in store for something awesome. After a self-satisfied and irresistibly devastating grin, he reclaimed her mouth and began to explore. He traced the fullness of her lower lip with his tongue, sending shivers of desire racing through her until she opened and invited him in.

Now, he didn’t hesitate, but delved inside with purposeful intention, swirling, and tasting, and possessing. And the entire time, she savored the feel of his strong arms holding her close. If not for the damn buckets seats and the center console, she would have crawled into his lap and willingly surrendered all to him right there in O’Halloran’s parking lot.

Instead, she shifted, trying to remove the gear shift knob from her ribs. Sean picked up on her distraction and ended the kiss. When he pulled away altogether, despite her discomfort, she protested the loss with a whimper.

“Buckle up, babe. I’m taking you home where we can be more comfortable. I can’t very well spank and fuck you for the first time in a public parking lot.”

“Spank me!”

He only spared her a glance, as he put the truck in reverse, then hooked his arm behind her seat and backed out.

“Did you think you’d get out of it?”

“Yeah. I wasn’t really drunk.”

“No, but you pretended to be. Had me going good too. Lying carries the same penalty.”

“I made a full confession.”

“Which is good for the soul, but it doesn’t get you out of a trip over my knee.”

“But Sean—”

Stopped, waiting for traffic to clear to pull out of the parking lot, he put the truck in park and twisted her way again, arm slung over the wheel as before, something she found extremely hot despite being in the middle of a heated debate.

“Didn't we just agree back there to take this somewhere, you and me?”

“Yes, but—”

“We’ve known each other a long time so the get-to-know-one-another phase will be brief.”

“Considering what you’re planning when we get to your house which is ten minutes away, I’d say brief is an understatement.”

He chuckled. “Intelligent and funny. You told me you wanted me to spank you. Was that a lie too?”

“No. But I meant a sexy spanking, not for real.”

“Honey, the way I do ‘em, both kinds are real.” With his free hand, he hooked her around the neck and pulled her in for another, thorough, mind-numbing kiss. “But you’ll love both in the end; I’ll make sure of it.”

Again, she couldn’t speak, probably because the kiss and what he’d said was so hot, she’d just about swallowed her tongue. And all the blood had left her brain in a rush to her nipples making them bullet hard, and to the aching, needy place between her thighs which was now soaking wet.

“Seems I found a surefire way of shutting down your chatter,” he observed, so close his mouth brushed hers as he spoke. “Duly noted.”

Chuckling once again, he released her and was still doing so when he pulled the truck out onto the main road. But he drove one-handed, because the other had found hers, brought it to his thigh, where he hung on tight, their fingers intertwined.

Bridget wanted to put her arms in the air and scream, Yes! This is what I’ve been searching for, but she’d temporarily lost the ability.




“So… you’ve done this before?” Her question came out muffled from her long hair hanging in her face. She didn’t dare push it back something which would require taking her hands off the gleaming hardwood floor in his bedroom where she’d placed them to keep her balance when he pulled her face down over his lap.

“A discussion of past relationships, when it comes, is for later.” His hand was warm on the back of her bare thigh when he squeezed her reassuringly. “Try to relax, Bridget, you’re as stiff as a board. You can trust me.”

“I do. It’s just… You can understand how unsettling this could be for a girl, can’t you?”

“For a girl, yes. For my girl, unacceptable. Let’s see what I can do about putting you more at

ease. But first, this skirt.” A tsking sound coincided with his hand stroking higher up her thigh taking the hem with it.

“What’s wrong with my skirt?”

“You should burn it.”

“But I like this skirt.”

“It’s too short. I’ve seen you in it twice and both times got glimpses of your panties, as did the rest of the room.”

She twisted to look back at him, appalled. “You mean during the dance on the bar, don’t you?”

“Yep, and today. The reach and teeter move with the pretzels, award-worthy. You dhad me believing you were drunk. But when you came off the stool and caught yourself, you flashed us all a little peek. At that moment, I became determined to take you up on your offer.”

“Again, with the offer,” she muttered. “I don’t understand—“

She stopped when he tugged up her skirt to her waist and laid his hand across the center of her backside.  He patted it lightly. “Are you trying to tell me you wore these panties again by accident?”

Damn, she’d forgotten. “No, I had three little devils named Moira, Shannon, and Kate whispering in my ear. They thought it would be a brilliant idea to recreate the first night exactly, all the way down to my—”

“Green and white Spank me, I’m Irish underwear!” His laughter, deep, warm, and rich, sent tingles of desire racing up her spine. They flowed outward to every square inch of her body making goosebumps erupt on her skin, her nipples tightened even more, almost painfully so, and a rush of heat flooded her pussy. Or it could have been from his fingers tracing over the green letters on her bottom while his other hand, warm and heavy on the small of her back, kept her steady, his thumb slipping beneath her waistband to lightly stroke her skin.

“These are cute, baby, but they gotta go.”

In an unhurried motion, he peeled them down to mid-thigh. She bit her lip, stifling a groan as he exposed her round butt to him for the first time. She’d always had a little too much padding back there no matter how many lunges she did. It she had her choice, she would have waited a lot longer, at least until after the good stuff—like her boobs and flat belly—for him to set his eyes on this particular body part.   

“Damn, you’re gorgeous,” he murmured as he ran his hand over both cheeks. “Every curve and valley, and each silky soft inch.”

The tingles changed to a burning ache, and her already racing heart skipped a beat, when his caress became more defined, and he slid his fingertips from the very top along the center seam to between her legs. She closed her eyes, both from the intensity of the arousal he was building inside her and the knowledge he’d find her very, very wet.

He didn’t comment, although she knew he couldn’t have missed the fluid state of her pussy. Instead, he changed direction, retracing in a slow glide in reverse. She squirmed, trying to ease the ache left in the wake of his teasing fingers.

 “You know why you’re here, don’t you, Bridget?”

“Yes, because I tricked you.”

“Mmhmm, and lies don’t have any place in what we’re building starting today, do they?”

“No, and I don’t plan to do it again.”

“Good. Anything else?”

“Uh… carryover from the last time when I got drunk for real. I’ve been calling that fiasco of a night, Bridget’s Brilliantly Bad Idea. Except after tonight, I’ll have to refer to it as part one of two.”

He grunted in amusement. “You deserved a paddling, but I let you off with a warning, and there’s no double jeopardy. So, no, that’s not it.”

“Said like a true-blue cop,” she murmured.

“Tell me why else?”

“Because I flashed my panties?”

“Yes, but you’re only partially right.”

“I don’t understand.”

“It’s clear now you didn’t do it intentionally, which means absolutely the skirt has to go. But these panties are like waving a red flag in front of an angry bull. Remember when I said you don’t challenge an Irishman this way, or a cop? This is the kind of dare a man like me simply can’t pass up.”

The first swat landed. She jumped in surprise more than anything. The next, which fell on the other cheek was expected, and she stayed still. Neither hurt, not really.

He rubbed with his hands and stroked lightly with his fingers as he did before he started. Then he pulled her in closer, her side against his hard abs while holding her securely over both thighs.

“Spread your legs, Bridget, and try not to tense up.”

She did the first part but was trying to decide how she’d ever accomplish the second, when the next swat, much sharper than the other two, connected with the lower curve of her ass. Another quickly followed, then more, in a flurry of alternating fiery smacks upon the fullest part of her cheeks.

It stung enough for tears to gather in her eyes. One spilled over and rolled down her cheek before he stopped, and rubbed again, about a dozen smacks later.

“Doing okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, now that it’s over.”

“No, sweetheart, this was the warm-up, we’re just getting started.”

“Warm-up! But, Sean! I don’t want anymore. It stings, a lot!”

“It’s supposed to; you’re being punished.”

“But you said you’d make it good for me.  Nothing about this is good except for the rubbing.”

He dipped his fingers between her spread thighs, the tips sliding through her slickness. Proof she found more to her liking than she let on.

“You’re aroused, Bridget.” He swept his hand up one cheek slowly, squeezing and messaging as he went. “Is this what did it, you think?”

“Yes,” she sighed, his gentle caress taking away the sting and leaving a pervasive warmth.

“Not this?” He swatted her twice on each cheek, quick and hard. “But this is okay.” The hand at her back slipped down to rub her bottom while his fingers returned to her pussy, sliding through her folds, and circling her clit. “Is that it?”

The warmth and sting on her butt added to the delicious teasing sensations between her legs all commingled into such a throbbing ache, she couldn’t tell what she liked, and what she didn’t.

“You’re drenched, baby.”

“From all the rubbing,” she groaned in explanation. “Not the spanking.”

“Are you sure?” Another two quick, hard swats from his left hand, coincided with a long finger sliding inside her drenched channel. She spread her legs wider and shamelessly lifted her ass in the air, asking for more of both.

“Nooo,” was her long drawn-out hoarsely whispered answer.

“Maybe you’ll know when we’re done. You’ve got a dozen more to go.”

“But, Sean, that’s so many!”

“Lying carries a heavy penalty. You get twenty this time, which isn’t so bad.”

Her muttered, “Easy for you to say,” earned her another crisp swat.

“Sassy girls and repeat offenders get double.”

“Forty!” she squeaked. “What if I say no?”

“Then we’ll stop.”

Her head came up, and she twisted, meeting his gaze. “Really?”

“Of course, I wouldn’t do anything you don’t want. But we’d stop everything.” His finger pulled out, and he removed his hand from between her legs.  It curved around the back of her thigh, instead.

“You mean you’d leave me like this? That’s not fair.”

“Neither is lying to me by pretending you’re drunk when you’re not and riling me on purpose.”

“But it was with good reason.”

“No, Bridget, you could have just told me how you felt and spared yourself a punishment, but you chose to play games, which is not something I’m willing to tolerate, or reward. So, you get spanked or left, wanting. Choose.”

She wanted to scream, but this time in frustration not with jubilation.

“Okay,” she grumbled, “finish.”

“I want you to be specific, so we are both clear about what you’re asking for.”

Putting it into words was demanding a lot. “I can’t.”

His fingers flexed on the back of her thigh. “Sure, you can. If we’re going to work, you’ll have to trust me to take care of you.”

Her eyes searched his as her face flamed like a five-alarm fire. He returned her gaze, no shred of amusement or condemnation, only open acceptance, and a good deal of steely determination. He’d told her what to expect last time, and she’d deliberately orchestrated the scene tonight hoping it would end just where they were now.  Bonus, he was really good at it.

Was she such a coward she would bail now, from embarrassment and stubbornness, with her heart’s desire within reach?

Hell, no!  She wanted him, all of him, spankings, and all.  Besides, if she were honest, she’d never been more turned on in her life.

“I want you to finish the spanking, Sean, please.”

“That’s my brave girl.”  His hands returned, moving on her again, and he ordered, “Arch your back for me.”

 “Why?” she asked, stiffening again, her voice dripping with suspicion.

 “Do I need to add swats for being difficult?”

 “You can’t do that.”

 “Since I’m the judge in this situation, and determine the sentence, I certainly can. If we were in court, I’d find you in contempt. You can always cop a plea, however, and take the alternative.”

“I take it back; you’re not a nice guy at all.”

“Yes, I am, you’re just not used to not getting your way. Now, do as I say and arch your back.”

She did, as best she could, but with her panties around her thighs, and face down over his lap, it was awkward. He rucked her undies down her legs and over her feet.

“Now try.”

With her thighs spread just a few more inches, she was able to do as he said and canted her hips while arching her back. This poked her ass even higher in the air; undoubtedly, the result he was going for.

“Good, now stay still.”

She felt his lips warm and wet on one tender cheek as his fingers slid to the front of her pussy. When he circled the hard nub, he spread more open-mouthed kiss, with wet licks of his tongue, over her tender bottom. It felt good, and she didn’t want it to end. A moan of pleasure escaped her right as two smacks fell again, on her upraised ass.

But the wave of arousal she was riding didn’t crash because he went back to circling and flicking her clit and spreading kisses on her punished cheeks. His thumb came into play, pressing into her wet channel. In a flash, she was right back where she’d been when he paused moments before.

“Sean,” she cried out, oh-so-close to coming apart.

“I know, baby, soon.” His lips brushed her heated skin as his thumb pressed inward.

Too aroused to stay still like he’d asked, she writhed against his hand, squirming over his lap.  She wanted more of his fingers playing with her clit, his mouth hot and wet on her ass, and his long thumb, like it was now, gliding in and out.

His teasing hand on her pussy didn’t stop for the next round of smacks. Instead, he used the steadying hand on her lower back to administer the crisp blows. She didn’t know how many, nor did she care, because her pussy had other ideas, and clamped down hard around his persistently driving thumb. She cried out, convulsing as she came in spectacular fashion.

He went on stroking, but to ease not arouse, his mouth and fingers using a lighter touch as her breathing and heart rate returned to normal. 

“Now we’re done.”’

She didn’t move from where she lay sated and limp over his thighs.

 “Still think the only good part is the rubbing.”

“Hardly,” she said, in a deep exhale. “I shouldn’t admit this, but we’re being honest and trusting, twenty sounded like a lot. Since I’ve experienced it, however, I don’t think it’ll be much of a deterrent.”

Deep and wonderful, his laughter washed over her. “Good to know, sweetness, but remember next time you get double.  Care to call Moira, Shannon, and Kate to get soused again and see what forty is like?”


He patted her still stinging cheek. “I didn’t think so.”

She twisted so she could see his face. “I acted foolishly, Sean, and it won’t happen again. But today was different. I can’t say with the way it turned out I wouldn’t do it again. I… well, the girls were convinced you had strong feelings for me; I wasn’t so sure. I knew you cared, but more like a brother than a boyfriend. It’s why I bought into the plan.”

“After what just happened, I hope you get I don’t want to be your father or a brother, that’s for damn sure. What I feel for you is affection, sure, but it goes a hell of a lot deeper.”

“I think I know that now,” she whispered.

Suddenly, she was moving. When she landed, she was flat on her back on his bed, his gorgeous face above hers.

“You think? Let’s make it, so you are positive.”

His mouth covered hers hungrily reigniting the passion which had just seconds before abated. She slid her hands up his back, pulling up his shirt; she wanted his skin on hers. Only happy to oblige, Sean rose above her, and their clothes virtually disappeared in an urgent flurry.

Now gloriously naked, he was over her again, his bare chest against her breasts, his heavy thigh moving between her own and pressed against the dampness of her pussy. With no barriers between them, his lips recaptured hers.

Wanting even more, Bridget’s fingers curled into the hard muscles of his shoulders as one hand slid up into his hair and held on.

Vaguely, she heard the crinkle of a wrapper and an instant later he was inside her. 

The insistent firmness she felt against her belly and hip during her spanking had been daunting, now she knew why.  Like the rest of him, Sean’s cock was big. The fingers in his hair fisted and her nails bit into his shoulder as he entered, stretching her to breathtaking fullness.

Once seated, he raised his head and came up on an elbow, gazing down into her eyes, his searching and concerned.

“You’re tight, sweetheart, are you okay?”

“Yeah, though you’re a lot to take.”

The corners of his mouth curved up slightly. “You’ll get used to me.”

“I hope not.”

The small smile turned into a full grin as he started to move. She squeaked in surprise at the unusual and rather overwhelming sensation. She’d only been with a few before, and never with one quite so generously endowed as Sean.

His blue eyes, still ablaze with the heat of his unspent passion, burned brighter.  He slanted his head for another kiss, but this time his lips seared a path down her cheek, along her jaw to her throat. She turned her face into his shoulder, and as his big body moved faster, she encircled him with her arms, and wrapped her legs around his hips, hanging on for the turbulent ride.   

He slid a hand beneath her bottom lifting her hips even as he pressed her deeper into the bed, giving her more of his weight. She didn’t feel squashed or smothered, in fact, with his mouth on hers, filled with his cock and surrounded by his powerful body, she felt enveloped, consumed, and oddly, protected. It was sublime.

For their first time, she expected it to go fast, but his control was impressive. She’d come once already but was soon urging him on with her cries for more as she dug her heels into his ass on the verge of another orgasm.

In control with this as with everything, he set the pace and wouldn’t be deterred.

“It’s not a race, baby. Enjoy it.”

“I am, honey. That’s the problem.”

“Then come as often as you like. Don’t worry about me; I’ll get mine.”

As if to help her achieve ‘often,’ he slipped a hand between them and found her clit with his thumb, which was all it took.

She came with his name bursting from her lips and her body bowing off the bed which made it easy for him to bend his head and take the peak of one breast in his mouth. It was beautiful, but also too much. The wet draw on her nipple, the incessant swirling pad of his thumb on her clit, his long thick cock driving relentlessly into her, all combined to send her spiraling out of control for a third, unbelievable time.

Her climax finally prompted him to move faster. Rising to his knees, he gripped her hips and powered into her repeatedly. Although she lost the weight of his body, she got to watch as he found pleasure. She didn’t think it possible, but he was even more gorgeous when he lost control and groaned, his neck straining, the muscles in his chest and arms bulging and glistening with a light sheen of sweat. Best of all, his azure blue eyes never left hers as his body found culmination inside her own.

He stayed still for a moment, then relaxed and fell forward, catching himself on his forearms as his mouth took hers in a slow, drugging kiss. Long moments later, he raised up enough to murmur, “Condom. Be right back.”

While he walked to the bathroom, she rolled on her side to watch the show.  When she lost sight of him behind the door and heard the water running in the sink, she took stock. Her body was warm and tingling all over, not the aroused kind of tingle, but the afterward kind from being sated and content. Muscles she hadn’t used in some time and stretched to their limits by his immense size were deliciously tender, but her bottom, surprisingly enough, wasn’t sore in the least.

She reached back and rubbed a cheek, finding it wasn’t any hotter than the rest of her body. Curious, she rolled on her belly, lifted the sheet, and twisted, trying to see her butt.

The bed shifted as Sean, who’d returned soundlessly without her notice, perched on the edge of the bed. “Let me take a look.”              

She flopped onto her back, face aflame after being caught peeking, and clutched the sheet to her chest. “Uh, that’s okay, I was just wondering.”

“So am I, roll over.”



She frowned, while he cocked his head to the side and grinned.

“Have you always been this bossy?”

“Yes, now do as I asked. I want to see for myself how well your gorgeous ass takes thirty spanks.”


His expression turned sheepish. “Yeah, you were so turned on, I got carried away.”

When she didn’t move, only stared at him, he pulled the sheet from her hands, sending it with a flick of his wrist to the foot of the bed.

Feeling silly—he’d seen her already, hadn’t he?—she rolled over but buried her warm face in the pillow.  His hand swept down her spine to her backside where it rubbed gently, like before.

“Barely pink,” he announced with a light pat, then flopped down beside her and pulled her on top of him. His hands gathered her hair and held it back from her face as he announced, “For a redhead with fair skin you sure can take a swat.”

She gazed down into his smiling, oh-so-handsome face and couldn’t contain one of her own. “I guess that’s a compliment.”

Was she really lying here naked with her lifelong friend and, unbeknownst to her until three women as close as sisters knocked her upside the head with the truth, the love of her life?

It was better than she could have imagined, and she took it all in, memorizing the feel of his hands, no longer content to hold only her hair but moving over her back, hips, and freshly spanked cheeks. She tried to memorize every sensation especially the feel of her breasts pillowed on the smooth slabs of his pecs, his ripped abs supporting her soft belly, and the nudge of his semi-rigid cock against her thigh in case it was all a dream and she suddenly woke up.

“Surreal, isn’t it?” he murmured, lifting his head from the pillow, and touching his lips to hers.

“I was thinking the same thing. We’ve known each other forever. How could we have been so oblivious?”

“I’ve always enjoyed being around you.  Even when you were a precocious little thing of five tagging along after Dan and me wherever we went.”

They shared a smile at the memory. “He’d get ticked off, but you never minded.”

“Nope. You were pretty and made me laugh. And later, when you got prettier, and I wanted to be around you for other reasons, well, I guess because you were my friend’s kid sister, I shoved how I really felt to the back of my mind. There’s a term for that.”

“Repression, but in my case, it was full denial. When you started dating, I thought I was protecting you, but I guess, deep inside, on some hidden subconscious level, I was jealous.”

“And took it out on my unsuspecting dates. Poor Misty, she didn’t stand a chance.”

“You know about that?”

“Everyone did, Bridge.”

She dropped her head and buried her face in his neck. “I need to get in touch with her and apologize. Another oversight recently pointed out to me.”

“Not any more than I do Jeffrey Slagle.”


“Some guy I got a bad vibe about. Dan told me you planned to go out with him and I ran a check. He had priors, a decade old misdemeanor when he was 18, but I didn’t care. I had a little talk with him about how it would be an incredibly bad idea to show at The Vineyard.”

She pushed up on her forearms and gaped at him. “That was you? I was crushed, he looked hot in his pictures. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why he stood me up.”

“A guy from a dating site, Bridge, seriously?”

“I took all the safety precautions; meeting in a public place, arriving early so I could check him out first, and I had Moira ready to make a call thirty minutes in just in case I needed an excuse to bail.”

He grunted. “What kind of name is Slagle?”

She giggled. “You can’t seriously be ticked over a date with a guy I didn’t know who you scared off before it actually happened.”

His hands ran down her back to curl around her bare behind. “Pretty silly, huh? I showed that night, thinking I was playing big brother and protecting you. Until I walked in, saw you waiting in the bar with six vultures circling you ready to pick your carcass clean and saw red.

She grimaced.  “What a horrifying analogy. I never noticed. I believe I waited an hour, then left, completely mortified thanks to you.”

“And I knew my feelings weren’t entirely brotherly after that night, but was still, as you say, suppressing them.”

He rolled them until he was on top, his upper body propped up on his forearms, the rest of him crushing her into the bed. Yeah, utterly sublime.

“We don’t need to worry about blind dates and vultures from now on, though, do we?”

“No, and I don’t need to worry about prom dates and soccer mom divorcees who want to get their claws into Boston’s hottest and most eligible detective.”

“Soccer mom divorcees?” he echoed in surprise.

“Tammy Anderson.”


She rolled her eyes. “Your next-door neighbor.”

He still looked blank.

“You know, the one who keeps getting your mail “by mistake” and simply has to walk over and deliver it to you in person.”

“How do you know about that?”


He shrugged his broad shoulders. “It’s nothing; she's neighborly.”

For a detective, she couldn’t believe he hadn’t keyed in on her ploy. “What is she wearing when she comes over? Jeans and a stained, ratty-ass t-shirt?”

“I hadn’t noticed. A dress, I guess.”

“With heels and full makeup, I bet,” she grumbled. She’d have to spell this out for him. “Most people who get a letter by mistake will put it in the mailbox to be neighborly. Tammy is taking yours, so she has a reason to come over.”

“It does happen more than it should. Huh, what do you know?” He shook his head before he added, “If she’s stealing it out of my box, she’s committing a federal crime.”

“Are you going to have her arrested?” Bridget couldn’t keep the eager anticipation out of her voice.

“I don’t think that will be necessary.  I’ll have a word with her.”

“Drat, bet she’d look good in convict orange. But I’m coming with you when you have this chat.”

He bent and kissed her. “Sheathe your claws, kitten. After twenty-two oblivious years, my eyes are open, and I see only you.” 

That was so damn sweet, she was afraid her heart might actually melt. When she could speak, she didn’t hold back. “Me too, but then again, I’ve always seen you.” She rested her hand alongside his cheek. “Ever since I was five and you walked in my front door and smiled at me, I’ve seen you. I remember it as if it were yesterday. You asked Danny for an intro, and when he said, ‘She’s just my pest of a kid sister,’ and walked away, you did it yourself, saying ‘Hello, I’m Sean Michael Murphy just moved in down the street.’ I remember every word because you used your full name, and at five, I was instantly in awe of you.” She tried blinking away the tears in her eyes, but failed, and gave him a watery smile when she said, “So, I guess you could say, ‘You had me at hello.’”

He closed his eyes and groaned, as if in pain. “Please, baby, don’t spoil this for me by saying you’re a Tom Cruise fan.”

She giggled, knowing he wasn’t.

“Nope, but I do like Renee Zellweger. In fact, I watched Bridget Jones fall in love at least one hundred times with her neighbor, Mr. Darcy.” She pronounced it Mistah Dahcy with a really bad British accent. Out of the blue, something dawned on her, and she smacked the heel of her hand against her forehead.

“Babe, what in the world?” he demanded.

“Oh my God. You’d think I would have clued in by, say, at least number ninety-nine.” She took in his confused look and asked in disbelief. “Don’t tell me you’ve never seen Bridget Jones’s Diary?”

“You say it like it’s a federal crime worse than mail theft.”

“You are such a man.”

This made him laugh. “A fact I’d think you’d appreciate about me after what we just did.”

“Oh, I do, but Sean, this movie, it’s us. Well, other than the fact it’s set in England. She’s a frumpy, thirty-something, single girl with a crush on her barrister neighbor. Neither of them really likes the other, and they have one hilarious misunderstanding after another, but still fall in love. Although they didn’t much want to. But at the end, when they both realize they are, and they kiss on the street in the snow… Oh, wow, is it awesome.”

“You’re chattering again, baby. And you are not frumpy.”

“Well, no…” She was glad he didn’t think so, but that wasn’t her point.

“Or thirty,” he further noted.

“Yeah, but—”

“And we’ve always liked each other.”

“I know,” she said slowly, using great patience while trying to make her point, “but there are certain similarities.”

“You’re saying, in what I’m assuming is a chick flick, the characters are just like us because you share the same name and they were neighbors growing up, like us?”

She stared at him, which became a glare when he burst out laughing.

“Now you’re being a know-it-all detective.  You’ll have to watch it to see.”

This sobered him quickly. “A chick flick? Nope, not happening.”

“I’ll watch your cop shows without complaining if you agree to watch Bridget Jones, just once.”

The amusement hadn’t left his face entirely, when he cocked a brow and pointed out, “The problem with this bargain is that it isn’t one. You like cop shows, babe.”

“I do?” she asked with an air of fake wonder. She couldn’t maintain it with a straight face and burst into giggles, however.

“Was Bridget Jones also a brat like you?” he asked drolly.

“I am no such thing,” she cried in protest, but with very little heat. She’d been acting a wee bit like one of late, but she could reform for the right man… this man.

“Okay, then, at the very least you’re a pest,” he chided teasingly. “A very cute, sexy pest with the most amazing round bottom.”

“Just like Bridget Jones!” she said with a grin.

Sean breathed in slowly, and she swore he came a smidge from rolling his eyes. Without agreeing to her one-sided bargain, he kissed her breathless, not stopping as he flipped them again and this time made love to her slow and tender, which was also, sublime.


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