Treasures of the Wind is here!

The day is finally here -- a brand new story! Thank you all for your patience as you have diligently waited for new work from me.

This is the third book in my McDougalls story, and tells the story of Adam and Rebecca Trenton, an Englishwoman who finds herself in the Scottish Highlands. There is a bit of steaminess to this story. For those of you who prefer sweet and wholesome romance, you will have to wait a little longer for that version, which will be released in May.

Adam is definitely the thinker among the McDougall men, and he and Rebecca must fight against outside forces to find their happy ending.

I hope you enjoy it! I would so love to know what you think, and, as always, would appreciate your review on Amazon and Goodreads.

Like all my books, it is available free through Kindle Unlimited, or to purchase for only 99 cents on Amazon.

Love always and enjoy!


Treasures of the Wind


Rebecca Trenton yearns to expand her horizons...

She has always been the obedient daughter of a businessman who will stop at nothing to acquire all that he seeks to gain for himself. And yet, she feels a calling to experience more of the world before settling down. She accompanies her father on a hunting trip to the Scottish Highlands, where she hopes to find adventure.

Adam McDougall wants nothing more than his Highland life...

He loves his family, his home, and the solitude where he can put his intellect and creativity to use through building his inventions. He resents being pulled away from his work to lead the British hunting parties who take advantage of his beloved land.

Despite their differences, they are pulled together...

Adam is incredulous when the delicate Englishwoman appears in his midst. However, the two find themselves inexplicably drawn to one another, despite the many factors that should keep them apart. Can they overcome external forces to find their destiny?


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