We were talking about the newsletter at this week's planning meeting and Pete got a little giddy . . .

There's so much incredibly exciting stuff going on at PS Towers, it's hardly surprising really. Trouble is, when Pete gets giddy . . . well, you know . . . let's just say he's one tricky critter to contain.

So when Nicky sighed and gave us the nod, Tamsin and I lured him down to the basement cellar with Krispy Kremes and an armful of Archie comics.

It was for his own good, and you know it makes sense.

That's why—as far as this week's newsletter is concerned—I've had to take the reins. And as much as would like to spill the beans on some of the really neat stuff—the stuff that got Pete in such a pickle—I've been warned by Nicky to keep it simple.

Fortunately, there's still plenty to go with. Not least the two announcements we made last week concerning order pages for Ian MacLeod's vampire epic RED SNOW and the next title from our PS Australia imprint, Alan Baxter's THE BOOK CLUB.

RED SNOW by Ian R. MacLeod

Described by The Guardian as  ‘. . . set to become a writer of the magnitude of Dickens or Tolkien’, Ian R. MacLeod is a much respected and highly decorated veteran of British genre fiction. He is the author of seven novels, including the Arthur C. Clarke Award winning SONG OF TIME. His other novels, short stories, novellas and collections have received many accolades including two World Fantasy Awards, two Sidewise Awards, a Locus Award, the John W. Campbell Award and the Asimov’s Reader Poll Award, as well as many nominations for other such prizes.

In the aftermath of the last great battle of the American Civil War, a disillusioned Union medic stumbles across a strange figure picking amid the corpses, and his life is changed forever . . .

In the cathedral city of Strasbourg in the years before the French Revolution, a church restorer is commissioned to paint a series of portraits that chart the changing appearance of a beautiful woman over the course of her life, although the woman herself seems ageless . . .

In Prohibition-era New York, an idealistic young Marxist is catapulted into the realms of elite society, and forced to assume the identity of someone who never existed . . .

RED SNOW is a novel of love and violence, ideas and dreams, and revolves around the mystery of a monster drawn from humanity’s darkest myths which still somehow survives, and thrives, and kills, in this modern age.

We'e expecting/hoping to have the unsigned edition of RED SNOW in early April and, priced at £20 plus p&p, is a snip for our chums across the water given the current exchange rates. A signed edition, limited to 100 numbered copies in an illustrated slipcase, will also be available at £50. This edition will most probably appear in May due to the time it takes to handmake the slipcases.

THE BOOK CLUB by Alan Baxter

Alan Baxter is a British-Australian author who writes supernatural thrillers and urban horror, rides a motorcycle and loves his dog. He also teaches Kung Fu. He lives among dairy paddocks on the beautiful south coast of NSW, Australia, with his wife, son, dog and cat. He’s the multi-award-winning author of several novels and over seventy short stories and novellas. So far.

You can read extracts from his novels, a novella and short stories at his website: www.warriorscribe.com

THE BOOK CLUB is the first novella from our PS Australia imprint and will be available in early April. The unsigned jacketed hardcover edition will set you back £15 plus p&p, and the signed edition limited to 100 numbered copies, £25.

Jason Wilkes’s life takes a turn for the worse when his wife fails to come home from her book club. Jason calls Kate’s ‘book buddy’, Dave, who assures him she left hours ago. Contacting the police, Jason finds them equal parts sympathetic and suspicious. He tells them almost everything, except that he’s been hearing Kate’s voice, calling as if from far away. He certainly doesn’t mention that he’s seeing shadows that reach for him.

With the police getting nowhere fast, Jason takes matters into his own hands, even as nightmare images and Kate’s distant cries continue to haunt his waking moments and his dreams, and the strange, grasping shadows persist. Jason begins to unravel the mystery, but he’s at odds with the police, he’s being lied to by Kate’s book club friends, and his chances of finding Kate slip ever further away.It seems that everything is going to go as wrong as it possibly can.

Tempted? . . . Tamsin has been putting together some promotional goodies to help you make up your minds.

Check out the PS Publishing BLOG where Alan chats in more detail about the THE BOOK CLUB, or better still, you can listen to Alan reading an actual extract by clicking on the image below.

Electronic eBook editions of ELECTRIC DREAMHOUSE titles.

For some time, we've been toying with the idea of including artwork wherever appropriate to enrich our burgeoning eBook range. So when Sheryl announced that she had mastered the process on Amazon Kindles, iPads and a whole host of other electronic readers, we were more than happy for her to set about converting, firstly the Midnight Movie Monograph series, and then, the Illustrated Lovecrafts.

The first titles to appear are THEATRE OF BLOOD and MARTIN. You can download the ePub versions now on the PS website but the Amazon Kindle order pages will follow—probably mid-week—once they've processed the files we've sent them.

ePub & Mobi Edtions £5.99
ePub & Mobi Edtions £5.99


The next Midnight Movie Monograph project to appear will be TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME penned by Maura McHugh.

Series editor Neil Snowdon hinted at "a late addition which would be a cherry on the cake" when he handed over 28,000 words of text and well over 50 images on this fascinating cult TV show spinoff. Can't wait to see what he has in mind. The design process is well under way, and we're hoping to see this go to print sometime early April.

And here's a taster from Maura's opening . . .

The temptation when examining Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (FWWM thereafter) is to become bogged down in the minutiae of its originating TV series, lost in the labyrinthine theories which have sprung up across multiple online forums and discussion groups. Twin Peaks is one of the first true Cult TV shows that thrived upon fan groups in the nascent Internet era, colonising space on the World Wide Web from an early stage. Despite comprising only 30 episodes, the world of Twin Peaks has endured and fascinated fans long after the show was cancelled.

While FWWM is hugely indebted to the TV series Twin Peaks, the film exists as a separate artefact and possesses its own unique identity. It functions as a prequel to the series, but ultimately it is a hymn to Laura Palmer, the fetishised mystery girl of the original series, who was only glimpsed in death through a kaleidoscope of epistolary details: diaries, video tapes, and second-hand recollections.

In FWWM writer/director David Lynch brought his attention wholly upon Laura and her struggles in a direct and unsettling fashion. The film deals with spiritual crisis, incest, and the suffocating realities of small town America in a way that Twin Peaks couldn't represent. Twin Peaks was a co-creation between Mark Frost and David Lynch, but FWWM was always Lynch's vision (though he shares the writing credits with Robert Engels). In FWWM the town is seen through the prism of Laura's experiences, so its spectrum of darkness is more visible. The film, which was rated R by the MPAA due to scenes of sex and violence, was also not limited by the bounds of television content restrictions, and did not shy from showing the awful realities of Laura's predicament.

At its best cinema is about producing unforgettable moments that sweep the audience up with their grandeur or immense introspection. TV is often obsessed with the small moments of many lives. Thus Twin Peaks is about the town and the community but FWWM is all about the person.

Meanwhile . . .

Neil was particluarly excited when he informed us that the text for Stephen R. Bissette's book on THE BROOD would be with us in the next week or two; "it'll be a whopper, and it's going to be something extra special".

And as a tantalising taster of treats to come, we received some fascinating movie stills from Steve to accompany his monograph—set photos from the collection of actress Cindy Hinds (the little girl in the pictures).

Okay . . . you can come out now!

Pete will be back up from the cellar next time around, unbound and no doubt bursting with tantalising tales of treats to come.

Nicky will be back to give you her update on where we're at with current projects, whilst Tamsin is working on some nifty FaceBook/Goodreads promotions. I think I'll will stick to the more obscure corridors of PS Towers. I may even spend some time at the warehouse—I'm feeling a spring clean, and that means an offer is likely.

In the meantime, have a great weekend and look out for each other.


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