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Medical Leave Wages - Update 1 (Replies)


Dear all,

One of our Service Engineers was injured and we have reported to MOM and also to our insurer to claim WICA. We have paid him his monthly salary and now we received a cheque from our insurer for the medical leave wage. The cheque was attention to the employer. Should the employer reimburse the amount to the employee or it is meant for the employer? 

Thank you.




The cheque is meant for the employer as your Engineer had already received his monthly salary as usual during his medical leave.




Its meant for the employer. Employee should be paid their salary as per normal.




The cheque is for the company since you have paid him his salary during the period that the staff was on medical leave.




Our Company would buy insurance for staff, as part of staff's benefits. Hence, any claim issued out by the insurer would be paid to staff, even if the cheque is issued out to the Company.




The cheque is for employer. Additional information – the amount computed by the insurer is based on average monthly earnings. Refer to the calculator on MOM website for detailed calculations.




For employee work injury, you continue to pay worker salary while he/she is on medical leave. You are also required to reimburse worker hospital or medical bill or pay direct to hospital.

Thereafter, you summarize and claim medical leave & medical fee from your insurer. The insurer will reimburse both to you within the next 2-3 months' time which is mainly for Employer being what you have paid out.



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