February 2018 Update from Author Lynnette Bonner

My Life this Month...

Marty and I made it through Whole30 and are happily back to eating "normal" again - with a few modifications as we try to eat more healthily. 

Our youngest started track season, so our days have been full of running here and there to practices. (Ha! Pun SO not intended.) The first meet will be this next week. We are blessed to enjoy this time with our kiddo. 

In the midst of all that, I'm working on book 3 in the Wyldhaven series, Beauty from Ashes. I'll be doing a cover reveal for that story on Facebook here soon. 

I hope your days are starting to fill with sunshine like ours are here in the PNW.  

Story World...

Soft Kisses and Birdsong is NOW AVAILABLE

It's always so much work to get a book released, but I'm happy to report that all the hard work on this one has paid off and the book is now available for you all to read. 

If you enjoy the story and would take a few minutes to leave a short review, I'd sure appreciate it!

Thanks for reading, friends. I appreciate you!

Buy the Book Here!

This Month's Giveaway...

I'm excited to share this giveaway with you! There are several books being offered for free and many that are only 99 cents. You can get the books from your favorite retailer, so there's nothing extra to download to your device. AND you can enter to win one of 5 $10.00 giftcards. Find all the details here: https://mybookcave.com/retailer-group/3f241a4f/

And please share this giveaway with your friends!

From My Heart...

It was a small thing. A short email. I'm sure the person who sent it wasn't really trying to be mean. They probably thought they were being helpful. But the tone of the email was...critical. Letting me know that in their view I had failed. It arrived after a series of discouraging setbacks and seemed to be the last straw in a week that had already been a struggle. 

The negative thoughts tumbled over, one after the other. Maybe I really wasn't cut out to be a writer. Who was I to think that I had anything of worth to offer readers, anyhow? I'm sure many of you have been in similar situations and understand how the snowball rolls. 

After a few days of prayer and consideration, I'm thankful to say that I've made it past the discouragement. Even if my books only ever inspire one person, I'm happy to write for that one. BUT how might things have been different if the person who wrote that critical email had paused to think about the power of their negative words before contacting me? What if instead of criticism and accusation, they had chosen to keep quiet? Or even to find something positive to say? 

I understand that God uses these things to help us grow. To solidify His call on our lives. But I, for one, hope to be the kind of person who helps others change through encouragement. People can still grow and change if approached in a positive manner. 

Let us be of those who "encouraged one another and build each other up."

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