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Hi Friends, 

We're kicking off November with the Nebraska Fall Ed Tech Conference in Kearney, Nebraska this week and heading to the Kansas Principals Conference in Wichita, Kansas next week. It's been a busy October and you can see some of our #ETjourneys further down in this newsletter.

We just received another Clear Touch Interactive flat panel that is ready to come to your school for demos! For the first time, this month we went to a demo and didn't leave with the equipment we brought...Palmyra-Bennett liked the ClearTouch Panel so much, they just kept it and we had to order another one for our office! 😃 We've had a great time getting familiar with the Clear Touch software suite and think there is a lot of potential in what they offer, especially in combination with MimioStudio. In addition, we have the new CenterStage flat panel from HoverCam in the office. Contact us to set up a free demo if you are considering a flat panel purchase and would like to compare them, in addition to the Boxlight ProColor panel

We have had a blast this month sharing user tips and tricks with excited teachers, and their excitement at new tools to use in their classroom is inspiring. Thank you for all that you are doing to make learning engaging for students! Keep up the great work and let us know if there is anything we can do to make your use of technology in the classroom easier or more effective. 

Also, if you're getting some helpful tips and tricks from our newsletter, be sure to pass it on to your colleagues so that you can all learn together!  

--The ET Team                    


Thanksgiving Gallery Pack

This newly renovated gallery pack contains fun holiday images, templates, multimedia and lessons/activities that have been adapted to a wider format, giving you more room on each page! ...more info

Thanksgiving (K-3)

This activity allows students to compare and contrast pilgrim life in the 1600s with life today in categories such as food, clothing, education or clothes. Bonus turkey facts and games are included! ...more info

Interactive Thanksgiving Link

This Scholastic interactive website explores the voyage on the Mayflower, daily life of Pilgrims and Native Americans, and the first Thanksgiving Feast.


The Latest HoverCam Releases Are a Must-See!

We think the latest HoverCam releases are a must see! As the maker of our favorite document camera, they’ve now branched out with a new budget-friendly flat panel and an incredible all-in-one presentation station. So without further ado, let us share our thoughts on the latest HoverCam releases…   HoverCam Solo 8 Plus Document Camera…

Locking Objects in MimioStudio

Locking objects in MimioStudio is not only a much needed formatting tool in MimioStudio, but one that allows you to create some interesting lessons for your students. Most importantly, locking objects allows you to create a MimioStudio lesson that won’t be mass chaos after you leave it in the hands of your kindergarten students!  …

Face Your Fears and Model the Courage to Try

It’s October, the month of National Face Your Fears Day and a great month for educators to reflect on how we can face our own fears in the classroom and model the courage to try for our students. Incorporating new ideas, techniques and technologies in the classroom is difficult for many educators simply because of fear –…
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