Ohhhh, yeahhhh... this is BIG.

Hello Family & Friends,

We know usually you hear from us with our performing career updates and of course our annual KriBri Christmas video but this time, we have a super special update that’s happening right around the corner and we wanted to share it with you NOW.

We are going to be… parents!

Please join us in welcoming our soon-to-be son
with an expected due date of August 20th...

 As you know we like to get creative so,
go to JacksonAsher.com 
or click on the following buttons to learn more:

What His Name Means ➤
The 18 Year Production ➤
Visit His Registry ➤
His Social Media Updates ➤

We are thrilled to finally share this great news with you and hope you are doing well!

Please feel free to reach out to us at KriBri@HoldonLog.com so we can connect and catch up!

Much love,