16 May 2017

The Geopolitical Intelligencer

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Meeting President Mikhail Gorbachev

The newsletter has skipped a week due to travel to Russia with a group of US citizens with the Center for Citizen Initiatives in order to speak to a range of Russian people and gauge their thoughts, feelings and beliefs regarding the Second Cold War. I hope to produce some articles and clips afterwards. Meanwhile, colleagues Rick Sterling and David Swanson have written some notes:

  1. Why You Should Visit Russia
  2. Gorbachev Warns of Growing Dangers

Geopolitics & Empire with Paul Craig Roberts: USA is Ready to Nuke China and Russia

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts discusses how far US aggression has brought the world to the brink of thermonuclear war due to the encirclement of China and Russia with missile defense bases which can be used offensively as part of a nuclear first strike.

The Colder War

Gorbachev Warns of Growing Danger

Why You Should Visit Russia

Politicians should be more like us, says Russian spacewalker

The US Bill H.R. 1644 to kill Russian food export and Chinese trade

NATO Build Infrastructure for Permanent Military Presence Near Russia’s Borders

Moscow on New Anti-Russian Sanctions: Kiev Building Authoritarian State

Major Developments Strongly Suggest the End of Unipolar World Order

Middle East & Africa

Israeli minister calls for assassination of Syria's Assad

Terrorist confesses to working with “White Helmets” to fabricate chemical attack, blame Syrian Army

Carving out “Kurdistan” is the US’ new end game in Syria

State Department: Renamed Al-Qaeda Not A Terrorist Organization - Can Receive CIA Supplies

US Approves $2 Billion Missile Sale to United Arab Emirates

Saudi Arabia Pledges $40 Billion Investment In US Infrastructure Ahead Of Trump Visit

Erdogan calls on Muslims to go to Temple Mount to oppose Israel

The New Silk Road

China pledges $124 billion for new Silk Road as champion of globalization

China's plans threaten U.S. semiconductor dominance

Uzbekistan: President's China Trip Yields Giant Rewards


EU calls for elections in Venezuela

Mexicans mourn well-known journalist as risks to reporters skyrocket

Towards a « Latino Spring »?

Deep Politics

There is evidence Seth Rich had contact with WikiLeaks prior to death

Chelsea Manning Goes Free on Wednesday

Wikileaks publishes documents showing how Google helped Al-Qaeda in Syria

Financial Crisis

Billions Are Sinking Into a Balkan Black Hole

Puerto Rico’s $123 Billion Bankruptcy Is the Cost of U.S. Colonialism

Ford to Slash 10% of its Workforce

Energy & Environment

Gazprom begins Turkish Stream pipeline construction

Surveillance & Technology

China's tech money heads for Israel as US welcome wanes

The Pentagon’s New Algorithmic Warfare Cell Gets Its First Mission: Hunt ISIS

An NSA-derived ransomware worm is shutting down computers worldwide

Swedes Microchip Themselves, Become Guinea Pigs in Digital Dystopia

WhatsApp fined over $ 3 million for new privacy policy

How a Hacker Remembers a Pin

Guadalajara Geopolitics Institute