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Another week, another newsletter. This week I've been watching a lot of Vice reports on YouTube, which are more like short documentaries. I recommend some quality finds later on. I'll also discuss the current issue around journalistic integrity at Newsweek and my latest blogpost on the habits of highly successful people.

Weekly blog post

As I was browsing social media, I once again found myself clicking on an article about the habits of successful people. While reading, I realised it's basically comfort food that's nice to read, but quite useless in practice.

That's why I went and explored the question of how reliable these insights are. Why are they all so alike and why do they seem to focus on feeling good rather than giving a harsh truth now and again?

Head on over to The habits of highly successful people: is there any truth to them?

From around the web

There's some issues being revealed at Newsweek. Some of their reporters published an article on the Newsweek website about possible unfair involvement of a Christian university (Olivet University) with Newsweek, which provided free advertisement space in the magazine. It turns out that Newsweek's parent company has a co-founder who is in bed with the president of Olivet, as she is his wife. There have been financial transactions before, but this article shows that the conflict of interest may not be as transparent as once thought.

The involved employees were fired for publishing the article, a decision that was eventually reversed. Still, it says something about the integrity of the publication as a whole. If a parent company does something like this as a reaction on critique, will people speak up in the future?

As I mentioned, I have been drawn into some of the Vice reports over on YouTube. There are some really interesting topics being covered there, showing sides of society we don't usually get to see. Take note though: these videos are on the longer side, ranging from 30 minutes to an hour.

One of my favourites is a report on a cult who thinks he's a reincarnation of Jesus. He has managed to amass over 5000 followers, with whom he made a home in Siberia. The reporter sometimes asks somewhat annoying questions, but overall it shows a world very unlike our own.

Luckily, that wasn't the weirdest one I came across. Another video, once again with a young reporter, investigates people who believe they're being targeted by governments and corporations. It seems to be a form of mass delusion of people with some very real problems.

That's it for now. As always, I hope you have a great week.



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