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Twenty Fantasy Romance Books For $3.99 or Less!

Most of these books and boxed sets are only $0.99 to $1.99! From dragons to witches, these awesome authors have come together to offer you the best deals in Fantasy Romance goodness.

Best of all? The Kings of Kal'brath Boxed Set: Books 1-3, is available for a limited time at $0.99 for this promotion. This price goes back up to $9.99 on November 15th, so get your copy soon!

A good number of these books' prices are limited time deals put together just for you! Don't miss out. Get your sexy reads here!

Have a gander at the awesome authors in this promotion:

Jennifer Amriss, Rinelle Grey, Katie De Long, Cate Rowan, L.C. Alleyne, C.J. Brightley, Vivienne Savage, Nicole Zoltack, Paulina Woods, Wendy Knight, Andrea R. Cooper, Tina Glasneck, T.F. Walsh, Laxmi Hariharan, C.L. Roman, Tiffany Roberts, Marsha A. Moore, Elle Clouse, Erica Reeder, and Jami Brumfield.

We are all super excited and hope to get you excited, too, for powerful magic, hunky men, strong women, and tons of delicious mayhem!

Come See the Awesome Deals!

I know I normally send these out on Fridays, but this is a time-sensitive promotion and I always want you to know the moment a promotion goes live. Since this is hitting you on a Thursday, I won't be sending a regular update until Next Friday (Nov. 11) so I don't spam your poor inbox.

Hope you had an awesome halloween, and you can bet I had a great time hiding from the trick-or-treaters while cuddling my cat in the dark with a great book on my Kindle. (I was reading Jordan L. Hawk's SPECTR series, if you wanted to know! Awesome M/M Paranormal Romance!)

Have an awesome weekend!

All the best,

Jennifer Amriss
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