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“What are you—? Rebecca, we dinna have the time for a swim,” Adam said to her, before she heard him sigh as he walked toward her.

“I’m not swimming!” she called back to him from where she had finally made it to the water’s edge. “For I do not know how!”

She heard him curse as he began to make his way out toward her. Wearing only his kilt, he had no clothes to shed and quickly unlaced his ghillies and set them to the side.

“It’s no’ very shallow!” he yelled out to her. “Do not fall in!”

“I won’t!” she replied, smiling at his concern. “I actually have very good balance!”

She had pity on him, however, and waited for him where she stood before gingerly putting her toes into the water. It was cold, and despite the warm summer air, she shivered as the waves lapped at her ankles. She had never felt such a sensation before, spending most of her life within the city of London.

“Is it always like this?” she asked breathily, as she felt Adam’s strong, solid presence beside her.

“Like what?”

“So beautiful. So peaceful. So … free.”

He gave her a strange look but shrugged his shoulders and looked out beyond him. “I suppose so. You become somewhat used to it when you have seen it nearly every day of yer life. Although when I’ve been to the city — whether it be Edinburgh or even Inverness — I always feel the yearn to return home to this. It’s in my blood. It’s part of me.”

She looked over at him. It was the most poetic thing she had ever heard him say, and it spoke to something within her — to a piece of her that had never known a home where she felt she truly belonged.

“Have you not somewhere you feel the same?” he asked as if reading her thoughts, his gaze turning from the lake beyond them to her face. She was taken aback somewhat by the intensity of his dark eyes and the strong features of his face that were always so serious, so deep in thought.

“No,” she said, turning away from him to stare back out at the water. “I have no place, really. I have the house I grew up in, I suppose, but it is not home. It is simply a place where I eat and sleep, where I live. I could leave it forever and never miss it.”

His head dropped before he followed her stare toward a seagull that swooped down in front of them.

“That’s rather sad,” he said.

“I suppose it is,” she responded, smiling wistfully. “For they say home is with those you love, and there truly isn’t anyone that holds my heart. I respect my father, for certain, but I’m not sure … well. We have never had that close of a relationship. And there has definitely never been a man.”

She cleared her throat, no longer wanting to speak on the subject.

“You said the lake is deep. Are there a few feet of shallow water? Can I wade in?”

“A few,” he said, his brows furrowing above concerned eyes. “Here, take hold of my arm in case the ground falls away. I know these waters fairly well, but there are still mysteries that lurk beneath the surface.”

“Mysteries? Like what?”

“Well, now, lassie, dinna tell me you haven’t heard of the monster that lives in these waters?”

He took hold of her elbow then, and she felt fire shoot up her arm from where his fingers lightly held her. She tried to deny how affected she was by his solid presence next to her, but she knew she was only lying to herself.

“Monster?” she asked, trying to concentrate on his words.

“Aye,” he said, mischief lighting his eyes and turning up the corners of his mouth. “We call her Nessie. She’s lived in these waters for years now, longer than any of us have been alive, that’s for certain. Now and then, when one is out swimming, ye may feel something brush by your foot with no explanation. That’s Nessie. She knows us and is just being friendly. Strangers though … she doesna like those who do not belong.”

“Like the English?” she said, trying not to laugh at his outlandish story as she turned to face him.

“Aye, like the English,” he said, smiling now in earnest. Their bare feet were planted next to one another in the water, his face so close to hers. Close enough to touch … and she did, reaching out a hand to brush a lock of hair off his forehead and back behind his ear. As she did so, their eyes met, and she knew the monster of the lake could have reared up right next to her and she would not have been able to turn away.

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Lost with a Lord

By Emily Murdoch

A man in search of a courtesan, and a woman in search of a ship - and neither will find what they thought they wanted…

Lord George Northmere is tired of his lonely existence, and takes the radical decision to go against the ton and society's rules, and seek out comfort.

But in all his thirty years, he has never met anyone quite like the fiery Italian Miss Florence Capria.

After a riot forces them to take shelter for the night in an intimate small room, can Lord George ignore the growing passion Miss Capria is igniting in his once cold heart? Will being lost with a lord change Florence's destiny forever?

This is the first in a series of eight Ravishing Regencies.

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Sweet & Wholesome


Lady Vivian

By Agnes Forest

“Have you ever heard a story about a woman marrying for love?”

Lady Vivian Ravenswood has the future determined for her; a wealthy husband, a place in high society, a cadre of exclusive friends; and none of that suits her. Could she pick her destiny, Vivian would choose adventure in the rolling hills, endless afternoons in the dusty garden, and a husband who speaks to her heart; no matter what his income might be.

One magical evening at Almack’s - London’s most exclusive club - Lady Vivian runs into the dashing Lieutenant Sawyer Cook and discovers that her future is not so set in stone. Romance ensues, scandals are wrought, and real identities are revealed. Trapped between duty and longing, Lady Vivian must come to grips with the very notion of fate.

Lady Vivian is a 70.000 word clean and wholesome Regency-era romance novel. It makes the first volume of Almack's Assembly Rooms. Each book of the series can be enjoyed as a stand-alone, or read as a collective.

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Perfect Haven

By Alicia Best

After a disastrous 26th birthday party, Olivia Donaldson flees her wealthy but overbearing parents and her controlling soon-to-be ex-husband and makes for Shady Piers, the former hometown of her now-deceased grandfather, in Maine.

Desperate for even the most basic of needs she reluctantly accepts help from a local pub-owner Brent Scott, who takes her in and gives her a job.

Even though she settles in well, Olivia's past comes back to haunt her and she needs Brent’s help once again, bringing them even closer together to a place where romance might just be in the air.

The Shady Piers Romance series novellas are 'clean and sweet' contemporary romances with happily ever after endings and no cliffhangers, that can be read as standalone novels all set in Shady Piers, Maine.

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Brides and Promises

By Ruby Hill

Three swoon-worthy mail-order bride romances. Follow Grace, Hazel, and Charlotte as they leave everything behind and embark on adventures to find hope, love, and happiness!

Miss Grace Thackery never believed that she would marry because she thought she was too plain. When a friend gives her a copy of Matrimonial News, Grace has hope that she might find a husband who is not focused on outward beauty, but instead can appreciate the other qualities she possesses.

After corresponding with a man, Grace agrees to move to Montana to get married. However, when her future husband asks for a picture, Grace worries that he will cancel the engagement when he sees her photograph.

An acquaintance convinces Grace to paint her face, add some padding, and wear a wig to alter her beauty for the photograph. Reluctantly, Grace agrees, but harbors a great guilt over being deceitful.

When she arrives in Montana, the man she is supposed to marry leaves her at the train station when her appearance does not match the picture she sent. Alone and scared, Grace does not know what to do next.

Hope is not lost… Grace meets a man that appreciates her looks and her character, but she also knows that allowing herself to have feelings for him will come with many challenges. Will Grace ever have a second chance at happiness?

After a traumatic event, Hazel is tired of being pitied by her family and the people who live in her small town.

As a way to escape her past, Hazel moves to a new town as a mail order bride to marry Stephen, a ruggedly handsome rancher. Hazel has no interest in falling in love, and neither does Stephen. The agreement is that Hazel will manage the house and Stephen will manage the ranch.

Stephen likes things in order, and Hazel is more of a free spirit who takes time to appreciate the small things in life. They don’t understand each other, and they find that their differences lead to arguments.

However, every time Stephen looks at Hazel, she feels something build inside her. Will their differences drive them apart, or is there more to this handsome cowboy than meets the eye? Will Hazel ever find true happiness? And will it be at Stephen’s side?

Charlotte was given every luxury in life growing up. Although she learned how to appreciate the finer things in life, she never learned how to cook or clean. Those skills didn’t matter because Charlotte knew she would only marry a man that could give her the same type of lifestyle her father had given her.

A tragedy strikes Charlotte’s family and her father lets her know that the money is all gone. Charlotte is devastated, and makes the decision to become a mail-order bride to relieve her parents from their financial responsibility of taking care of her.

Paul is looking for a woman who isn’t afraid to work hard. He can’t handle all the responsibilities that come along with owning a farm, so he needs someone to cook, clean, and even help on the farm when needed.

When Charlotte arrives, Paul soon realizes that his new wife is hiding a secret. Can this secret drive them apart? Did he just make the biggest mistake of his life?

If you love historical western and mail-order bride romance books with twists and turns, you will love this sweet and clean romance collection.

Authors Note: These are clean, stand-alone romances, so there are no cliffhangers. Each book is about 35,000 words. The eBook version contains historical western and Regency romance bonus books.

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To Love a Spy

By Laura Beers

Freed from the clutches of her cruel, traitorous mother and impostor husband, Lady Camden wants to rebuild her fractured life. But the years of terror and pain she endured at their hands continue to grip her heart in an iron vice. Refusing to stray from the refuge of her country estate, Kate tentatively agrees to an unusual alliance with the new Lord Camden, being mindful to keep her trust, and her heart, firmly safeguarded.

Adrien, the Earl of Camden, had lost everything he held dear while working undercover in France as an agent of the Crown, known only as Hawk. Now an earl, he wants only to repair his tattered, lonely life. His efforts are interrupted, however, when he is called to accept another assignment: Stop French spies from passing a bill in Parliament that will eliminate British aid in the war against Napoleon.

When Kate's past pulls her into a web of treachery and deceit, a life she is wholly unprepared for, Adrien must use any means necessary to stop the French spies from succeeding in their evil designs and keep her safe. When the truth is finally revealed, will Lady Camden be strong enough to seize her own future and happiness, or will her heart be too shattered to ever love a spy?

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