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From The Chief

Hello !

This past month has been full of fun and preparation for the upcoming ordeals we are hosting (also known as Cony Parties) that will be held in May. We are incredibly excited for them and had a preparation day called Cony Party Bonanza. We were also graced with the presence of the National Chief of the Order of the Arrow, Anthony Peluso.

Brotherhood conversion is something we have been talking a lot about lately. If you completed your ordeal last year and you have not yet sealed your membership by completing your Brotherhood, you are missing out! Sealing your membership is simple, you don't have to do another Ordeal! You will engage in service and learn more about the OA. Sign up to complete your Brotherhood at an upcoming Cony Party.

In a few short weeks, we will be attending this year's Section Conclave. It is being held at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico, April 20-22. There will be two Sections at the Conclave, Section W-6E and W-2S. The event will have Scouts from New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Texas, and all of Colorado. It will be a great weekend where you will learn new things about OA and get connected with new people outside our Lodge. There will also be Section Elections, if you are interested in running, get in touch with Bill Reynolds (you must be approved to run before the event). One of the most important parts of the event is competing against other lodges to win the Bronze Moose! The Bronze Moose is the greatly coveted award in Section W-2S. Registration closes on April 15, sign up here so you don't miss out.

Hope to see you there!
Live to serve,
Phillip Alvarez
2018 Lodge Chief

From The Adviser

Spring has sprung and as we look at our calendars we realize that there is hardly a free day available. With that said, I want to ask each of you to take a moment and reach out to your chapter chief or chapter adviser and ask them if there is anything that you can do to help them with unit elections.

Our annual outreach to all of our Boy Scout troops is critical; not only to grow our lodge, but to make sure we can bring all that OA has to offer to every troop and their scouts. It takes a small army to get this done each year - I’m asking you to take a turn on the front line.

We have some exciting changes coming to our lodge’s program this year. More announcements coming soon.

Thank you for all you are doing for our lodge and for scouting.

Billy Reynolds
Lodge Adviser

Register for Section Conclave

You don’t want to miss this year's section conclave!

There will be something for everyone including an Indian Village, workshops, “awesome shows”, games on the Villa Lawn, hike to the Philmont backcountry, auctions, indoor and outdoor training, Villa Tours, and more. Don’t forget money for the joint trading post.  Philmont is the perfect place for Fellowship and to make new Friends from Section W-2S

Register before April 15 so you don't have to pay extra at the door. $50 for youth and $65 for adults. Active Arrowman participants check your email for info about registration. 

We look forward to seeing everyone at Conclave!

Register Here!

PV Day of Service Registration

Join Tahosa Lodge on April 7, 2019, for the annual PV day of service. We will see you at PV to continue work on the Arrowhead Trail. We'll be working from 8:30AM to 4PM

Meet at the PV horse corral.

Be sure to bring a lunch, water bottles, and work gloves. Wear work clothes and sturdy boots - Dress in layers!

PLEASE register so we can contact you if there is a weather delay or postponement.

Register Here!

Inductions Needs Your Help

The Inductions Team is hard at work on Cony Parties, Brotherhood Conversions, and Troop Elections. We are also working on gathering Elangomats and Ceremonialists.

Our first two Cony Parties are coming up on the first and second weekends of May. Both are at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch on the Dobbins side.

If you would like to be an Elangomats and Ceremonialists feel free to reach out to the Inductions Team. If you email me at kylepearson@me.com or text me at (720) 244-0442 I can get you in contact with one of my Chairman that can help you out.

Thank you all for the support and help and we look forward to seeing you at the Cony Parties.

Kyle Pearson
Vice Chief of Inductions

Tahosa Lodge is Hiring

We have a few opportunities within our lodge’s leadership that are currently vacant.

Youth Openings

  • Social Media Chairman 
  • Graphic Design Chairman 
  • Service to Troops Chairman 

Adult Openings

  • Elections Adviser
  • Social Media Adviser
  • Graphic Design Adviser
  • Service to Troops Adviser
  • Alumni Adviser

If you are interested in any of these positions, please reply to this email.



I'm Jayce Letson the 2018 Brotherhood Chairman. I oversee the Brotherhood candidates through their project, trail, dinner setup and all the things the Brotherhood candidates do while at a Cony Party. The biggest part of this job is making sure that all of the Ordeal members attend a Cony Party to complete their Brotherhood. The best part of this job is seeing people go through their Brotherhood with their family and seeing them bond. It also does the same to you because you learn from them how to be a better leader and an even better friend. This is very important because the higher the conversion rate the closer we are to JTE Gold. This year we are striving for gold and we need your help to get there. If you are an Ordeal member, you can do your Brotherhood. Sign up for a Cony Party and I will see you there.

Yours in Scouting,

Jayce Letson.

Be an Elangomat

We NEED Elongomats for Cony Parties An elongate is someone who guides the ordeal candidates through their ordeal. As a reward you get a shirt, a patch, and a pint of ice cream. Sign up for a cony party.

White Buffalo Update


So far this year White Buffalo chapter has been busy. We have already done four elections and we have two more elections on the calendar. If there are any other troops that have not done an election and want to, please go to https://elections.tahosa.co. Our ceremony team has done four crossover ceremonies and Arrow of Light ceremonies. Our whole ceremony team has qualified for the Pre-Ordeal ceremony. We helped set-up and clean-up at the Frontier District Dinner as service back to the district. During our last chapter meeting in March we planned the campout that we hosted for Troop 97. We helped them with requirements that they needed for rank advancement and merit badges. We went on a geocaching hike and held a flag retirement ceremony. I hope to see all White Buffalo members at our next meeting April 5.


Trevor Lantz

White Buffalo Chapter Chief

OA National Chief Visits Tahosa

This past month,Anthony Peluso, the National Chief of the Order of the Arrow, and Cristian Joya, Section W2S Chief, visited Cony Party Bonanza and the Denver Scouting Heritage Museum. It was great to have the National Chief out to see how we do things here in Tahosa.      

Unit Elections

This year's unit elections are off to a great start. We are extending the deadline to conduct a unit election to the end of May. In ordert to get more members into OA, we need your help to get as many elections scheduled as possible. 

Tell your leaders, tell your friends: time is running out to be elected to the OA. We have to keep our traditions going and the only way to do that is with OA elections. 

Visit https://elections.tahosa.co to schedule your unit election today! 

2018 Event Calendar

Visit the 2018 Event Calendar

Spring Ceremonies Practice

Ceremonialists from all Chapters are encouraged to attend. We will work on lines and motions for all ceremonies to ensure one cohesive Lodge team. All ceremonialists must be certified before performing at a Lodge event. Please register (for free!) so we know that you are coming!

April 8

Pay Your Dues

All Arrowmen must pay annual dues to maintain their active membership in Tahosa Lodge. 2018 dues are $17. You must pay your dues to participate in all lodge events. Wear the Sash, Pay the Dues.  

Pay Here

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