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14 August 2017

National Science Week

It's National Science Week (12–20 August)!

You'll find all sorts of activities and ideas at www.scienceweek.net.au.

New consumer and financial educational resources

A new resource provides advice, including extensive curriculum links, to freely available consumer and financial literacy resources developed in Victoria and Queensland. The resources have some emphasis on mathematics as part of the broader cross-curricular approach and are suitable for Years 5–10. For more details go to http://consumerlaw.gov.au/national-curriculum.

NAPLAN 2017 summary results

The NAPLAN 2017 summary results are now available at http://reports.acara.edu.au/NAP.

The final results will be published later in the NAPLAN National Report.

Matific Games

Matific, an online K–6 maths resource, is giving schools all over Australia and New Zealand the chance to win $20 000 cash plus $30 000 worth of prizes, licences and more.

The Matific Games 'warm-up' starts on 14 August with the main competition commencing on 31 August 2017.

Go to www.matific.com/matificgames.


The 2nd annual Collingwood STEM Cup challenge is now open. This is a dynamic competition where students leverage their maths and stats skills to calculate player salaries for Collingwood’s 2018 season. The competition is based on the career of Dominic Milesi, the ‘Capologist’ for the Collingwood Football Club, who manages national recruiting and player contract negotiations for the team.

Go to http://dayofstem.com.au/STEM-Cup.html?oId=1588

[featured resource] Teaching Mathematics through Problem Solving: Grades 6–12

Harold L. Schoen (ed.)

This book is about problem solving as a means for acquiring new mathematical knowledge, rather than as an activity to be engaged in after studying various concepts and skills.

Articles by a variety of authors are grouped into four sections: Issues and perspectives; Tasks and tools for teaching and learning; In the classroom; and a final chapter presents a research perspective.

An excellent resource which not only looks at the big questions but provides teachers with practical ideas to use in the classroom.

#NCT002 REDUCED: $30.00 * AAMT members $24.00 *


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