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February 2018

Welcome Back!!!!!

Welcome Back...

Welcome back, members!  We are so excited to share with you what new and exciting things have happened and are coming up through Ohio FCCLA!  Below we have included some new and exciting opportunities for you get involved in and show off your FCCLA spirit! And as always check out this month's Riddler Riot.

Save the date!

 Executive Council Training!

When: March 24, 2018

Where: Staybridge Hotel

Adress: 3125 Olentangy River Road Columbus, Ohio 43202

     If you’re interested in running to become a State Executive Council member, or a Regional Executive Council member- this training is for you! Come by to learn and practice the interview process, learn more about responsibilities of an officer, and so much more! Register on the Ohio FCCLA website today! I can't wait to see you there.


- Amitoj Kaur, Vice President of Membership Outreach

FCCLA Week...

FCCLA is only two weeks away!  Now is the time to start getting all of your items and plans together to make sure your week is full of red, white, and all things FCCLA!  Remember, the FCCLA Week themes are:


~Membership Monday - February 12

Celebrate National FCS Day! Thank your FCS teachers for everything they do.  We also want to celebrate Ohio FCCLA members on Membership Monday.  To do this, we will be giving away free passes to have a meet and greet with the SEC at State Leadership Conference!


~Teamwork Tuesday - February 13

Post videos of your chapter teamwork skills on social media!  This could be a team challenge activity or a service learning project.


~Wear Red Wednesday - February 14

Make sure your whole school is covered from floor to ceiling in red, white, and black!  Make locker signs, posters, and promote FCCLA through public announcements at school and on social media.


~Thankful Thursday - February 15

Ohio FCCLA receives a tremendous amount of support from Ohio FCCLA Endowment and from communities from across the state.  Complete a service learning project on Thankful Thursday to help raise money in support of Ohio FCCLA Endowment or your local community.


~Family Friday - February 16

Celebrate all things family with FCCLA at the Table!  Have a sit-down meal with your family today and share pictures on social media using the #FCCLA@theTable.  Invite students to your FCCLA chapter meeting and make them part of your FCCLA family!


Be sure to share with us how you are celebrating FCCLA week by posting pictures and tagging us on social media!  Stay !nspired Ohio FCCLA!


- Mustafa Illgin, Vice President of Program Outreach

Career Development Events

FCCLA members, it’s that time of year again! Career Development Events are on the rise! I hope that you are using all of the skills you have learned through your FCS classes and your participation in FCCLA to create the best project possible. Whether you are competing in a national event or Ohio only event, you will want to follow this advice. Do not procrastinate, Charles Dickens said “My advice is to never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time.” Carry yourself with confidence, Helen Keller said “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” And lastly, do not focus on winning and instead focus on growing. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” With these wise words of advice in mind, good luck at your regional competitions in March!


- Shayla Combs, State Secretary 


Riddler Riot (Rules)...

This year in our newsletter we will be adding a new challenge for all of Ohio FCCLA members... The Riddler Riot challenge!  The rules for this game are as follows... each months newsletter will feature a new riddle at the bottom of the page.  All members that wish to participate will have 10 days to tweet out their answer to that month's riddle with the #OhioFCCLARiddleRiots.  After the 10 days is up, the first (up to) 10 people to tweet out the answers will be featured on the Ohio FCCLA social media pages as that month's winners.  At the end of the year at State Leadership Conference, the member with the most wins will win a special prize!!! 

Riddler Riot (Riddle)...

. There are three stoves: a glass stove, a brick stove, and a wood stove. You only have one match. Which do you light up first?


Last Months Answer: 

Because he is to short to reach the top buttons.


Last Months Winners:

Abigail‏ @abigailquinn23 

reese tooke 🌐‏ @reesebrettooke 

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