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 Hey ! 

What a doozy of a month. We have gone through some MEGA personal challenges over the past few weeks.

Meenu was laid off from a job she felt pretty secure in. It came as quite a shock. On top of this, she had to deliver a talk on 'Your Career and the Meaning of Life' a week later!

Pawan stepped out of her comfort zone and made herself vulnerable in a personal relationship. Rejection is never easy, but it’s even harder when you've ignored your intuition.

After receiving words of love from all of YOU and taking time for self-reflection in Mexico, we're coming out of it feeling super elevated! An encouraging reminder that no matter the situation, no matter what someone says or does, you have the freedom to choose how you respond. 

You are a powerful soul and the master of your life. We see your light, go get your shine on!

Onwards we go,
Meenu & Pawan

You ARE Powerful, Believe It!

Step into your POWER to overcome life's challenges

We’re sometimes left feeling anxious when life sends us unwanted 'surprises'. How can you stand strong amidst the chaos around you? Harnessing your personal power starts with you!

1. Take control of your thoughts. Do you find yourself dwelling on the negative, having judgments about yourself and those around you, or feeling generally dissatisfied with your life?

*Create a daily positivity ritual to help your brain relax. It can be as simple as expressing gratitude 3 times a day, quieting for 30 minutes of meditation, or avoiding the news first thing in the morning.

2. Become the master of your life. What this really means is you must LOVE and ACCEPT who you are and what you are going through right now. It’s your journey and you’re exactly where you need to be!

*Feeling trapped in a challenging situation? Think, 'what are my options?' List them ALL, even the unreasonable and scary ones. Put the list aside and come back to it when you feel ready. Can you choose something different?

Stepping into your personal power won’t make obstacles magically disappear, but it will give you the courage to make choices based in your truth, your Atman. Standing strong and loving your life starts by aligning your actions to your personal values!

Power up at Living Atman Events!
Trees in a forest
Forest Bathing Social - Aug 27

Let’s ditch the hubbub of the city to hang out with the trees! Experience the wonderful medicine of simply being in a forest.

Join us for a mindful, guided walk around Buntzen Lake. We’ll do a series of relaxing activities to engage our senses and connect with the natural world. Plus we’ll enjoy a potluck picnic together!

Kundalini yogi doing butterfly
Pawan's Teaching Yoga! - Aug 29

Find out what all the buzz is about Kundalini yoga, a dynamic blend of breath, asanas, meditation, mantra and relaxation. It’s FUN, plus the benefits are endless: it strengthens the immune system, alleviates stress and connects you with your true power.

Beginners welcome! Classes happen every Tuesday at 6pm in Surrey.

Woman emptying dustpan
Got a Dirty Secret?

Minimizing household waste has a positive impact on the planet's health. Our friend Dana started her journey by avoiding plastics to keep garbage at a minimum.

Meenu and the mastermind group in Tepoztlan
We Visited a Pueblo Magico!

The serene Hostal de la Luz in magical Tepoztlan was our home during a one-week retreat with the incredible Sheri Rosenthal! Here's what we took away from the experience.

People having fun in the sun
Summer FUN Challenge

Wow, we're super inspired by the responses from people who are taking positive steps towards a healthier, happier life. Can we just say, way to STEP UP!

There's still time to enter the contest! Make a summer commitment to you, your community or the planet and tell us about it! We’ll personally respond with 3 fun, inspirational tips to get you started.

Boats on the Ganges in India
'India My Love' - Feb/Mar 2018

Join us on a divine journey, across a land of remarkable diversity, to experience first-hand what makes India so deeply alluring!

From ancient spiritual traditions and sacred sites to magnificent landscapes and culinary creations, India will ignite your curiosity and fire up your soul! Amidst the colourful chaos and soul-searching, you’ll embrace India in a way that can reveal your place in the world.

~ Yogi Bhajan ~



Starting August 29, Pawan will be teaching a Kundalini yoga class every Tuesday in Surrey. Want to join? Email us your name & numberand we'll respond with the address!

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