They are home!

Dear Friends and Supporters, we are excited to bring you several pieces of good news this month: two releases, two rescues a T-Shirt campaign in Vietnam and two new staff members.

Life is good so far!

Nine pangolins made it back

Okay. It's always about pangolins, but it's never the same. Every case is different, every release is different.

This time, we and nine pangolins shared a memorable journey climbing up a high hill in a jungle, challenging our balancing skill with the muddy, slippery road and ending up with happy smiles all over our faces.

So did the ten civets

It only took us a month to help the rescued civets with their rehabilitation. Unfortunately, we had to euthanize one, keep one in our center as they had deep injuries.

Unlike pangolin, these civets fellows are really fast at running from the release box. Check it out!

More releases are coming

Currently we are working with Pu Mat National Park to build up a new, fully-equipped rescue center and upgrade their capacity in animal welfare, vet care and education activities.

Soon, there will be more rescues and releases done by SVW and Pu Mat. 

Yes, we do need help to keep these project running. And yes, any contribution from yours is highly appreciated.

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Safe heaven for pangolins

10 pangolins rescued from the trade

It happened again, at Vietnam - China border. We sent two members from our captive team there to proved urgent care for the pangolins and patiently wait for the permission to bring them back to our center. The paper work is not always smooth but we were lucky ones this time.

They are safe and sound now.

Another pangolin from Da Nang

Truong, our head keeper, played a solo hero coming to Da Nang on his own to rescue this lovely, tiny pangolin.

We have a hard case here

One of the ten lost a limb and Hai, our vet, had to perform a two-hour operation to save this poor pangolin's life.

He is slowly recovering now. We decided to name him Cody and keep him in our center, take care of him for the rest of his life.

Outreach: getting millennial's attention

A cool T-shirt to save binturongs

This month, we started a new campaign with Boo (a popular fashion brand in Vietnam) to sell T-Shirts for fundraising and awareness-raising purpose.

The shirts are only available in Vietnam, but you can read more about the campaign here.

The team: new members

Welcome Ayla and Yen

Ayla is passionate about actively contributing to wildlife conservation and is fully committed to the protection of endangered species in Vietnam. After obtaining a degree in Education and knowledge management, she worked for four years as a college teacher in Ecology and wildlife studies. Joining us a professional volunteer for a year, Ayla help us with the captive works as long as contribute to our education programs.

Yen holds a bachelor of Environmental technology from Hanoi University of Science, VNU. She acquired about five years of experience performing at both local and non- international organization. Yen also has a very strong passion in environmental issues and community development field. Yen will work as a new community-based project coordinator.

The two will actively help us with the up coming complex projects in Pu Mat and Cuc Phuong National Park, focusing on education and outreach area.

Thank you!

For making it to the end of this newsletter and for supporting us on every single project, rescue or release.

See you next month!


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