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No Mind, Yoga and Tantra - √Ąngsbacka's "Big Three"

The festival summer is full on, and √Ąngsbacka's Big Three¬†are up next. No Mind keeps growing back into record size, Yoga is standing strong and Tantra is now the biggest festival of its kind in Europe.

√Ąngsbacka humbly and proudly aims at being one of the best creators of festivals for personal and spiritual development in the world. Read more at the end of the newsletter about our strong foundation and about this year's improvements...

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7-14 July

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20-26 July

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31 July - 5 Aug

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Join us as a volunteer!

Enjoy this groovy summer-video and get inspiration to join us for the "Summer of Love & Service" at √Ąngsbacka. There are still volunteer spots free for No Mind, as well as for Yoga and Tantra.

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Courses in August and September

Tantra Heart - Free to love

A magical, safe and loving space for healing the split between sex & love. With Kobi

6-10 August

Ista Training - level 1

A deep spiritual, sexual and shamanic experience. With Rex Mc Cann, Kamala Devi & Dawn Cheri.

6-12 August

The Gift of Womanhood

Kundaliniyoga retreat on sisterhood and women's empowerment. With Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

1-9 September
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Wild Spirit

Ancestral rituals, contemporary therapy, and wisdom of the heart. With Kalid

19-23 September

Bob Hansson

Skrivande och kärlek. Vänta inte på inspirationen, skriv som om du redan har den.

20-23 September

Krigarens Väg

Shamanskt inpirerad ledarskapsutbildning utifrån arketypen krigaren. Med Daniel Ekholm.

25-30 September
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√Ąngsbacka give thanks!

Here are some partners who supports our festival summer:


Do-it is a global, ecologic supplier of various whole food. and they have generously sponsored us with commodities and food for the summer.

0 is an online store offering natural, organic and high-quality health products. They also run the site


Thank you Pukka and Biofood for sponsoring us with your lovely tea. Welcome to visit and check out their broad offer of organic products.

Our foundation for great festivals...

For more than 20 years √Ąngsbacka has been arranging transformational events, building a strong foundation:

  • an amazing volunteer community with hundreds of volunteers holding the space.
  • exceptional workshop leaders and musicians, sharing their¬†gifts from a place of deep service to human transformation.
  • thousands of returning participants with¬†an openness to connect, to grow, and to dare to be present with all of themselves included.
  • the magical area, with gardens, wooden and stone buildings, the lake and the forests.
  • the √Ąngsbacka Spirit, actively collaborating with us since Lasse Ek stepped into the big red barn 22 years ago.

But also, we need the right facilities and we have listened to your feedback from last summer. There are now...

  • twice as many toilets and showers.
  • the caf√© has gotten an outside serving extension.
  • another workshop space will be offered during Yoga and Tantra.
  • The Children's Playground is ready with Play Temple, swings and a huge sandbox.

We are also working on shortening food and dishing lines but we will be many, so be prepared to enjoy some cueing meditation ;)

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Warmly welcome to √Ąngsbacka's festivals - where the mind can relax and the soul can expand!

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