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Be very skeptical of writing advice
Yeah, sure, some will make you a better writer, but most advice isn’t about being better or worse. Instead, it just changes your style, and this is how writers end up sounding the same as other writers.

You’ll never be famous by writing like everybody else. If you want to stand out in the field, you have to be unique, and the more you follow the stylistic advice of other writers, the more “typical” your voice will become, and that’s why you’ll see authors expounding shorter sentences, avoiding splitting infinitives, or not using ‘said’.

As they do so, they ignore those writers who’ve gotten famous by writing long sentences, splitting infinitives and never having a character ejaculate.

So, the best thing you can do when given writing advice is to break that so-called rule. If your writing hasn’t improved because of it, then scrap that idea. If it has, provisionally accept your new style (but be ready to experiment with it again).

Jelte ten Holt gave up a career in academia to travel the world and write from her many corners. Want to read more about what he has to say about writing? Check out his articles on writers block, readability and experimentation at Vagabondwriters.
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So, what have I been working on? I released my 2nd book, which is about Adobe XD for those interested in design. Publishers/book deals are hard to come by, so I'm very happy about this. I also wrote an ebook for InVision, a company every designer in the world will be familiar with. Again, very happy!

Finally, I wrote my 3rd article for .net mag, the UK’s biggest design magazine. Lots has been going on, but I've been trying to grow my blog and World of Writers in-between backpacking around Bulgaria.

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