Both Jonathan Strahan and Neil Clarke, in their respective Year's Best anthos, have called Nick Gevers’s EXTRASOLAR the best SF anthology of 2017.

There’s high praise from Gardner Dozois and Rich Horton too. The consistent message seems to be that people would love to buy and read the book but that the hardcover is too expensive; a paperback edition would put it within their purchasing range. So, you betcha by golly, folks. In fact, here we are on Saturday 28 April at around 1 pm and Mike is currently preparing one of our popular trade paperbacks—should be available late May or early June.

Well, who’d’ve thunk it! We got a great response to last week’s Newsletter and the musical mentions.

Let’s kick off with this one from Dave Brzeski. “I know I have a copy of their American Metaphysical Circus album—I’d like to be cool and claim I bought the album on release, but I was only 11 at the time (I think I picked up a used vinyl copy in the mid-70s) but I haven't heard it in so long I don't really remember it. Dorothy also made a couple of albums of Southern India raga music with Gayathri Rajapur and Harihar Rao in 1967 and 1968. I'd really like to hear those.” Me, too, Dave. I’ll do some investigating.

“I already have one PS Publishing novella in my to be reviewed soon heap due to Peter Crowther spotting my Fairport Convention t-shirt at Follycon and thrusting Elizabeth Hand's WYLDING HALL at me,” Dave goes on. “It's a Supernatural Suspense/Mystery involving an acid-folk band,” Peter assured me, so it was an easy sell there.

“I suspect Peter will not be in the least bit surprised to know that I am also a long-standing fan of the 60s US psychedelic band, The United States of America and their single eponymous LP. Love that album, so the news that Tim Lucas has been working with their lead singer, Dorothy Moskowitz Falarski on songs that tie in with his upcoming PS novella, THE SECRET LIFE OF LOVE SONGS, with an aim of making them available as mp3 files with the book was always going to hook me.”

Way to go, Dave!.

Then this from Jez Hildred

“Wow that’s cool. Loved the album but the Joseph Byrd and the Field Hippies stuff suffered from the lack of Dorothy IMHO.” Oh, heck, I dunno, Jez. Frankly, ‘The Sing Along Song’, for instance, couldn’t be improved,  I reckon. Nevertheless, while I do know the work, Jez, I never managed to get a hold of the album. No worries—I’m going to track this stuff down pretty fast. While I’m doing that, here’s Joe and the gang singing ‘The Sing Along Song.’

Hey, life doesn’t much better than this.

Here’s something else I should throw into the mix . . .

Beaver and Krause who did three gorgeous albums some four-plus decades ago, ALL GOOD MEN being—in my opinion—the best. Here’s ‘Legend Days Are Over.’ If we have any Native American customers/readers out there, give it a shot. I’ll be chanting “Everything was different” all day. Wonderful. Check ‘em out. I still have my vinyl copies which are truly superb though the CD versions are pretty fine.

And now on to something a little bit different . . .

It has been suggested on a number of occasions that we should give more coverage in the newsletter to eBook releases and it's hard to disagree. Funnily enough, we had discussed this issue at length at our weekly production meeting and then, as if on cue . . .

The Kindle edition of Kelly Barnhill's fantasy novella THE UNLICENSED MAGICIAN appeared—in an Amazon email bulletin—sitting at the very top of their list of suggested SF/Fantasy downloads.

And righty so.

There were twenty magical children born that year. Nineteen, if you count the one that died. The Minister ordered that the nineteen children be shipped to the Tower to be worked and drained to nothing, and that the dead child be thrown on the rubbish heap, and never spoken of again. But the dead baby had other plans. When the half-drunk junk man witnesses the half-decayed corpse becoming a living, breathing, healthy baby, he knows at once that he must protect the child from the clutches of the Minister. Enlisting the help of the formidable egg woman and the sagacious constable, he manages to keep the existence of the child a secret.
But children grow. And so does magic. And secrets long to be told.

I dare you not to read it in one sitting!

[Kindle users will know that Amazon uses its own MOBI format and you get those direct from Amazon. For those with iPads, Sony eReaders and other reading devices or MACs/PCs, we can provide ePub versions in the EBOOKS section of our main PS Publishing website.]

And then, hot on it's tail . . .

Steve Jones alerted us to an online article entitled "The Best Horror on Kindle Unlimited: 5 books that make KU worth it", and in it, BEST NEW HORROR #28 is described thus:

Don't let the fun, pulpy cover fool you: this year's best anthology from 2017 (containing works from 2016) is smart, modern horror at its finest. 

Containing works by some of our favorite authors including Kristi DeMeester, Glen Hirshberg, Lisa Tuttle, Brian Hodge, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Michael Marshall Smith, and many many others.  Again,  I was super surprised that this book was on Kindle Unlimited because it is both so new and contains so much great stuff. 

You can read the full article at Signal Horizon

Well that's sure got the digital juices going.

Mike assures me there are some exciting developments afoot, more of which we will outline in future newsletters. In the meantime, check out the half-dozen of our more recent eBook additions below. Available in ePub and MOBI formats, we have something for all tastes.

So get rummaging through your drawers and dust off that there ebook reader, enjoy the weekend sunshine and, of course, happy reading.


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