As we are taking stock of this challenging but fruitful year, you can learn more about our mission and achievements from the new animated video.

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Our Successes

Key Civil Society Event of the Year

EaP Civil Society Conference and 9th EaP CSF Annual Assembly

On 25-27 October Tallinn hosted the EaP Civil Society Conference and 9th EaP CSF Annual Assembly. The event attracted over 300 attendees, speakers and guests who attended more than 50 sessions of different formats focusing on the issues most topical for the civil society.

For the first time this year, the Annual Assembly and the Civil Society Conference – conducted as a side event to the Eastern Partnership Summit on a biennial basis –were merged into one event with a common agenda. It was organised jointly by the EaP CSF and the Estonian Center of Eastern Partnership under the auspices of the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

At the event the Civil Society Declaration was adopted as a collaborative effort identifying major obstacles to further democratic development within the EaP countries and to the smooth implementation of the 2020 Deliverables while offering specific recommendations on how governments and civil society organisations can work together to overcome them.

Summary of the Event

Adoption of the EaP CSF Strategy 2018-2020

The EaP CSF Strategy 2018-2020 was adopted through online voting and is now considered an official document of the Forum guiding its activity in the coming years. 96.7% of the members eligible to vote supported the strategy. We would like to thank everyone who voted on this important document. We are looking forward to your active participation in continuing the discussion on the Forum's organisational reform to be further elaborated by the Steering Committee and presented next year.

EaP CSF Strategy 2018-2020

Selected Publications 2017

In 2017 Members of the EaP CSF Working Groups have implemented 15 projects in the framework of the EaP CSF re-granting scheme launched in 2015.

EaP CSF Regranting 2017 in a snapshot

Re-granting scheme: selected publications

The Steering Committee and National Platforms adopted a number of statements in reaction to the key developments in each of the EaP countries, presenting their view on the situation and calling for decisive actions from the EU institutions, the EaP governments and international community.

Steering Committee Statements

National Platforms' Statements

The EaP CSF organised more than 15 events this year, bringing attention to human rights in Azerbaijan, elections in Armenia, media freedom in Crimea, security assistance to Ukraine, expectations from the 2017 EaP Summit and other issues on the agenda. You can find below the information about some of them.

Thematic Events

Working Groups Meetings

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