Happily Ever Afters

As promised, today I have a beautiful cover to reveal to you!

This is The Highlander’s Call, the sweet and wholesome version of Treasures of the Wind, the third book in The McDougalls series. It will be coming this month, so watch out for it!

What else are you reading these days? I read a fairly wide variety of books but one thing is for certain -- anything I read MUST have a happily ever after. I find there is so much wrong in the world today, that reading is my happy place, and I don’t want to leave a book with sadness. What about you? Are you ok with endings that do not end happily or are you like me? Head on over to my Facebook page to discuss!

Love always and enjoy,


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Weekly Reads

A Bit Steamy

Vikings: The Truth about Aslaug and Ragnar

By Rachel Tsoumbakos

Is Aslaug really Ragnar's one true love?

Can she save him from his own prideful death?

Plus, how close can one be to their stepson before questions are asked?

Aslaug was one of Ragnar Lodbrok's wives and bore him many sons. However, prior to meeting him, she spent her childhood locked up in a harp.

Then, when the harp owner was murdered, she was raised by a beastly pair who insisted Aslaug never wash in order to hide her beauty.

Once released from this life of miserable slavery, Aslaug went on to marry Ragnar Lodbrok, the famous Viking. She bore many children to him as well as help raise some of his other children. At times, her relationship with one of her stepchildren was considered questionable as she favoured him over even her own children.

'Vikings: The Truth About Aslaug And Ragnar' will unravel all these secrets and reveal a story that is more interesting than anything you knew about them previously as well as debunking the myth that their relationship was loveless.

Discover the truth today!

Part One brings the whole story to life with a historically accurate novel of their lives. Part Two then examines the historical facts behind this famous Viking couple. 

The 'Viking Secrets' series explores the historical fact from present day fiction in regards to the Vikings and the extraordinary women who existed in the Viking era.

PLEASE NOTE: Each of the books in this series can be read as standalone books due to the nature of the sagas involved. Therefore, the book numbering indicates the order in which the stories were published and not the order in which they are required to be read.

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