February 2018

The Station Master`s Report

Welcome to the second Footbridge Editorial of 2018
and what a month its been. There is no avoiding it. I suppose I have to hit on the obvious first. We finally took a pre-calculated jump into the abyss and committed to our long awaited software change over.

Admittedly, not without some major hitches, we finally got there. It took a bit longer than expected due to our third party migrators taking a bit longer to hand us the site back over and the final move from test site to final resting place.

The original migrate to the test site looked encouraging prior to moving to our main server and all was working well. However, the final move to our permanent server was a step too far and we ended up going live with some pretty major bugs. The worst issue for us was the issue of some members not managing to get logged in. We only found out after much investigation that it was down to some of the links created for the migration having been lost in transit. This is some thing that we went back to our migrators with and we are now more confident that this has now been resolved. If members still cannot get signed in as of the time of going to pixels, give us a shout as we will be able to resolve it quickly with the issue of a new password which we shall forward on.

I appreciate the frustration experienced by many of our members during this rather bumpy ride and thank everyone for their understanding and support shown over the last couple of weeks. We always knew there would be a degree of disturbance to the forum, but being two laymen undertaking a task of this magnitude for the first time, did not appreciate how much.

We are still not over the line yet but what we do have is a working forum. Some who have been here long enough will remember the original opening of Platform 1 on the old software for the first time and the recent events are ringing a little deja vu. We started of with quite a rough but workable platform ( excuse the pun ) and slowly but surely built on that to eventually end up with a pretty settled and popular forum. In changing the software, we have taken a calculated decision to take a step backwards in order to go forwards and are back to a new forum which is a little rough around the edges again. However, I can guarantee you all that the potential that the new software gives over the old, will see us grow as a forum above and beyond anything the old site could ever let us do. We have some really exciting plans for growth for the forum and its members going forward so bear with us. The final word on this for now is one of thanks to Paul who has worked tirelessly with myself in bringing around these changes to date. Thanks Paul ……. You will be rewarded in heaven.

OK …. Onwards and the first change to be noted on coming back on stream is the introduction of our newest forum feature ……. Pulhams Puffers. After a few conversations with our new resident kit / scratch builder Rob Pulham, he has agreed to take his own slot on the forum showing off his huge talent for all things loco and rollingstock building. He has already posted numerous fantastic threads on the same and at the same time seamed to field many answers to various queries from our members on the subject so I thought …….. we need to harness this. Rob is up for the challenge and a newly developed area to the right hand side bar has been set up to get him in business. There is a purpose made area beside his various sites for which members can use to ask any questions and comment in general. Good luck with the venture Rob and thanks for keeping us engaged.

Gormo has hit the shed again with a great new video on making a continuity tester. One of the best and simplest of his series yet. Thanks again Gormo.

Paul and myself undertook our annual pilgrimage to the Glasgow SEC for Model Rail Scotland. We had a great day and met up with Scottystitch and bumped into David Hennessy as well.

The bridge building competition has had its end date pushed out until the end of March in order to allow for the disruption caused by the software change over and the standards shown so far are very high. There is still time for others to enter though and be in with a chance of winning some Scalescene vouchers.

There is another competition on the go which I suspect may have been forgotten. The railway layout plan design. There is a soldering station up for grabs to who ever comes up with the best layout design. So lets see you get your creative juices going and the entries start to come in.

We have also breached a major milestone this month with our membership having reached 511 at the time of going to pixels. A big welcome to our latest members.

Well, I’ll finish off the way I started by thanking you all for your patience now more than ever whilst we continue to head towards completion of our latest forum development. Its worth mentioning, just to help refocus on the fact that both Paul and myself are not software developers. We are amateurs with full time jobs who like railway modelling and have volunteered to take the recent developments onboard to hopefully provide everyone with the best possible platform with which to enjoy our hobby. It also happens to be free to everyone.

We appreciate your ongoing support.

Now …….. over to the wizard himself, Gary, to highlight this months pick of the posts.

Cheers for now,



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