Coffee Break Newsletter - JuLy 2017

Sahar Huneidi-Palmer

Dear All,

For many of us, as the school year ends the summer holidays beckon (unless you live in the southern hemisphere, you’ll be just about getting ready for winter. Perhaps you’re luckier than you think, as this is summer is forecast to be the hottest since records began). Traditionally, this has been the time when I catch up on my reading, and chose a few books for the summer. Fortunately, a few days ago, a review copy Dr PMH Atwater’s new book, A Manual for Developing Humans, landed on my desk.

Atwater had 3 Near Death Experiences (NDE's) in 1997, and with each death her life and her perspective on it changed enormously. Since then, she has become one of the world’s authorities on the subject. During her third near-death experience, she was told to write this one. It is an unusual book, with no chapters, includes unusual drawings, and is based on threes: the development of the conscious, subconscious and superconscious aspects on every level of life; yet it flows like a dream. I strongly recommend this book to you (amazon USA, Amazon UK) – a review will be published soon in

The other usual concern at this time, is our physical appearance, and whether or not our body is fit for the beach, or elsewhere (here in Dubai, it’s too hot to even venture outdoors, except very early in the morning, let alone go the beach. Next week the temperature is expected to soar to 64 degrees Celsius (that’s 147 Fahrenheit). This month, we bring you Fitness Tips from International Personal Trainer, Lee Heywood; so you can enjoy getting into shape anytime, anywhere. Below, I am sharing one of these video tips with you, which Lee helped organise before moving back to the UK where he now lives with his lovely wife Nicola. Lee offers tailor-made videos to all his clients; and they arrive conveniently through WhatsApp messages! I'm  grateful for his heart-felt support and would like to add that I whole heartedly recommend working with Lee.

Please refer to Ketheric Well-Being podcast RSS to listen to my 5 podcast interviews with Dr PMH Atwater. To listen to my podcast intervew with Lee, click here.

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Stay Well,

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