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Hi friends,

It's hot as hell out there.  Here in Nashville, Tennessee it's no different.  We're in the armpit of a valley that collects the slow moist air that ambles its way up from the Gulf of Mexico, over the Cumberland Plateau, and settles into the Nashville basin and stays.  And stays.  The dead-still, wet air sticks to everything and everyone.  The only respite is when a gang of clouds cruise by, and if they're feeling generous, grace the steamy city with a passing thunder storm.  But when the sun burns back through the haze the oppression begins all over again. 



It's been a while, so I'm super excited to get back out on the road!  Kansas/Missouri later this month, and then Northeast US next month!

Would you host a house concert with me?  If you or someone you know lives in either of those regions of the US, I would LOVE to perform an intimate show in your living room, back yard, community center, loft-space, etc. 

Just say the word by emailing me at <melissagreenerlist@gmail.com> or simply reply to this message.

- Kansas and Missouri are both private house concerts, but Sunday, July 22 is available for a house concert anywhere between Columbia, MO and Nashville.

- New York State is home the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in the beautiful Hudson Valley.  I'll be performing there Thursday, August 2nd on the festival stage!  Let me present a house concert or workshop near you, anywhere in the Northeast US between August 9-12!

Euro-friends - I'm returning to the Old Country this fall, so if you'd like for me to include your town in my itinerary, please write back and tell me so!  Bookings in Ireland, Germany, Netherlands and beyond are in the works! 


"What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming..."

Today is the United States of America's birthday.  She's in her "terrible two's" stage, as a young nation testing her limits.  It's hard not to scream and stomp as a reaction to her tantrums, to stay focused on the next right action and attitude, but that's what a loving parent must do.  Still, however dysfunctional our family, I still love her and am grateful everything she has given me.


May you be blessed with freedom. Freedom from negative thinking, from physical pain, from a turbulent heart, from addiction and mental illness ~ Free from regrets, shame and doubt, from comparing and expectation. Free from greed, from control, from other's opinions of you.


I'll leave you with this poem from my beautiful friend; poet, songwriter, painter, Chad Eilliot (www.chadelliott.net) :


A beautiful and terrifying work of art still in it's early stages.

Keep your brush loose, dear citizen
Do not overwork the masterpiece by confusing hours of toil with inspiration.

The genius of artistry lies in the earned wisdom of knowing when to paint, when to listen, or when to walk away from the easel.

We must learn the difference, dear citizen
Or we shall find ourselves making a machine
Instead of a living, breathing thing.

-C.A. Elliott

Love, grace, peace..



PS; Knees

For those keeping up with my recent knee surgery:

I've been lying down a lot lately.  It's been two weeks since my arthroscopic meniscectomy that was a much needed fix from an injury more than seven months ago when I was on the road in Europe.  I'll be good as new before long, but in the mean time this is the "view from my office" these days. 

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