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18 December 2017


AAMT is very happy to announce the launch of its new professional learning website, Dimensions: http://dimensions.aamt.edu.au

It has a growing number of professional learning modules (Powerpoint slides, facilitator guides, videos, handouts, student materials) on a variety of topics. There are also tools built into the site to help you track your professional learning, as well as a number of forums for discussion and networking with others.

The AAMT office would welcome your thoughts and feedback on both the site and the professional learning materials it contains.

2017 NAPLAN National Report

ACARA has released the 2017 NAPLAN National Report, which confirms the findings of the preliminary NAPLAN results released in August.

To download the report, go to www.nap.edu.au/results-and-reports/national-reports.

AAMT office closure

The AAMT office will be closed for the festive season from midday 21 December 2017 until 2 January 2018. The AAMT Council and staff wish all members of the mathematics education community a very happy and relaxing holiday period.

Renew your membership

Your membership of AAMT is through membership of your local affiliate. If unsure, check whether your membership is by calendar year and, if so, then renew your membership as soon as possible so as not to miss out on any benefits. Contact information for your local association can be found at www.aamt.edu.au/Membership/Affiliates.

[featured resource] The Number Games

Adam Spencer

Who’s smarter: a four-year-old chimp or a four-year-old-human? This book walks us through the numbers 1 to 100, with logic puzzles, challenges and games attached to each number. These interesting and challenging puzzles include Easy-peasy? (playing with tessellations), Fun Fibonacci and Think like a Pirate (Do you get thrown overboard or do you get the money?) amongst hundreds of other fascinating brain-stretchers. Each puzzle has a fun fact alongside it. Did you know that 12 noon was originally at 3 pm?

#NSB002 $35.00 * AAMT members $28.00 *


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