Happy Holidays from the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation

Happy holidays from everyone at the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation (VLCF)! During this season, we celebrate what we accomplished in 2017. At the same time, we are humbled at the opportunity to help others. We launched the Packers vs. Cancer initiative, which is aimed at raising awareness for all cancers, as well as the Starr Children’s Fund that is specifically focused on pediatric cancer research. In addition, we donated more than $540,000 to the Aurora Health Care Foundation.


As we move into 2018, we have a lot to thankful for. This year, the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation (VLCF) transformed in to a national brand. We built an infrastructure capable of aggressively increasing our direct impact to our mission of helping advance compassionate care and funding cancer research.  

This transformation is a culmination of years of work and dedication by our many sponsors, volunteers and board members. We “thank you,” though that simply isn’t enough to express our gratitude. Since 1971, this organization has held itself to the highest standards holding true to the values of our namesake, Vince Lombardi. As we continue our journey, we further commit to broadening our ability to fund critical areas of research and care in areas driving the most impact.    

As my two-year term as president of the VLCF ends, it is natural to look back on my 15 years of involvement with the foundation. I am proud of the combined efforts of our board, the willingness to tackle difficult conversations and the courage to think big. The VLCF is built for long-term, continued success. I can’t wait to see where we go next and look forward to continuing the momentum with Mr. Haas at the helm. Thank you, again, all for the continued support and dedication to an amazing organization. I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season.


You can tell we’ve entered a new season. It’s in the air and across our social media channels. The music’s different. We’re thinking of what we can give to our friends and loved ones. And, this season is often when many consider giving to a non-profit.

Some people increase their charitable giving this time of the year because they’re moved to help those less fortunate than they are. Others see an added benefit of writing off charitable giving on their taxes.

The tax reform bill being debated in Congress could have a big impact on tax deductions. The bill isn’t finalized, so no one can give a definitive set of strategies on navigating charitable giving. However, now is a good time to explore different giving strategies.

Some analysts believe that, if passed, only five percent of people nationally will be able to itemize their tax deductions. That means 31 million Americans who currently claim their charitable deduction may lose it. 

Some experts are suggesting giving two years’ worth of donations now, which is a tactic also called “bunching.” Other experts are advising that you look at giving as much as you can afford.

Or, since the new bill may affect the taxation of the sale of stock, it might be more strategic to give stock shares this year. Donating shares could allow the donor to write off the value of the donation without paying taxes on the gains.

If you’re wondering how you should approach charitable giving for the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation before the end of the year, find an advisor you can trust to give you thoughtful advice.


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