Earth Alone by Daniel Arenson

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Secondly, if you can believe it, this book club has been running for THREE WHOLE MONTHS! What a fun ride. And I'm just getting started. I've been planning out the summer lineup—It's going to be FIRE. Tons of action-packed SF, a few cross-genre surprises I think you'll really appreciate, and at least one beloved SF classic that the literature nerd in me can't resist!

Needless to say, you won't be lacking in great books to read this summer.

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Now, for this week's reading recommendation.


This week’s book is Earth Alone by Daniel Arenson.

Decades after a species of predatory alien scum first assaulted Earth, a young boy named Marco Emery loses his mother to a surprise attack in Toronto. The memory haunts him from that day until he’s drafted into the Human Defense Force, Earth’s army, so that he can learn to face and kill the scum who took his mother from him.

Earth Alone is a bootcamp story at its core—it’s the story of a tortured young man being forged in the fire of suffering. But it’s also a story of how a group of young people from all different walks of life can overcome hardship by working together. Real friendships are power—they can help you get through the worst days of your lives.

This novel is the beginning of a military sci-fi series that takes a squad of misfits into space and beyond. The characters are authentic and believable, the alien race is vivid and frightening, and the plot is full of surprises.

Hope you enjoy it. See you next week.

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