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I have just sent off the manuscript for the fourth book in the Searching Hearts series to the editor! If you want to know a little more about what’s coming, see inside my mind through my Pinterest board, which holds my inspirations for the book. 

My cover designer and I are also trying to determine which photo we'd like to use for the cover. The lovely members of my Facebook group helped me narrow it down, but we still have two to choose from. We will, of course, have a different backdrop, but which dress do you prefer? Click on the photo you like best!

Thank you!

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My friend and colleague Audrey Adair has recently released a sweet and wholesome version of the second book in her McDougalls series -- The Chieftain's Duty. If you prefer a few steamy scenes, then check out Promises of Sunlight!

Kyla MacTavish seeks peace...
Peace among her clan, with her family, and within herself. She always understood her path in life was marriage with Callum McDougall. When he marries another, however, his brother becomes her new groom. Finlay McDougall is stubborn, stoic, and stormy. How can she spend her life with such a man?

Finlay McDougall has loved one woman his entire life...
She, however, has always been promised to another. When she becomes his reality, he resolves to win her over and make her his wife in mind, body, and soul. But can he overcome his biggest obstacle — himself?

Kyla and Finlay struggle to determine what the future will hold, with one another and for their clans. Will they find a way forward together, or let their differences keep them apart?

Buy The Chieftain's Duty, the sweet & wholesome version
Buy Promises of Sunlight, the steamy version

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