Step back in time with Emilia to meet Highland Laird Douglas MacGavin...

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It's here! Time of Valor is now available for you on Amazon for only 99 cents, or free through Kindle Unlimited!

Historian Emilia Guthrie is exploring the ruins of a Stonehaven castle when she sees an apparition in the distance. Her curiosity takes her down a path she never thought possible, putting a 16th century Highlander's life in her hands.

Dougal MacGavin must defeat the Buchanan clan to prove himself as Laird. In the midst of a bloody battle, he must suddenly protect a woman as strange as she is beautiful.

Emilia is determined to save Dougal and the MacGavin clan, despite the fact he thinks her mad. How can they overcome their own battle of stubborn will and attraction to fight all that threatens to destroy them?

While it is the second book in my Love for All Time series, Time of Valor can be read as a standalone story. There is no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after!

I hope you enjoy it.  

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Bride for a Time

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Hearts of Starlight

She will have her freedom, no matter the cost.

He will honor his promises and hold his family together…

Together in the new world, what will the future hold?

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