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Medical Appointment - Update 2 (More Replies)


Dear all,

Understand from MOM website that: " Employers are also encouraged to be flexible and supportive by providing paid time-off to employees who need to see a doctor for necessary medical appointments. On their part, employees should inform their supervisors of such appointments as far in advance as possible. "

May I check do you practice that? If yes, do you limit the employee to number of time off hours (example 3 hours etc.) I have employee whom claim attending to a medical appointment in the morning but only turn up to work around 1:45pm? How do you account for such absence?

Thanks and awaiting for your precious comment.




Our company do allow paid time-off for medical appts as follows:

1. Staff can leave office 1hr before their appt time and must be back in the office within 1hr from their end appt time base on the dr excuse chit.

2. If the medical appt is in the afternoon and ends late and they are not able to come back to office in time, then they are to call their superior to get permission not to come back to work (again HR will check base on the excuse chit)

3. If staff choose not to come back to work after their appt, they can apply unpaid time off.

Munjit Kaur



We allowed staff to take 2 hours of time-off to attend their medical appointment. However, if they turn up for work after more than 2 hours, we will advise them to take a half day leave to cover their absence.




We do give time-off for staff for employees who are required to go for necessary medical appointments, should they not be able to schedule it on a weekend. Taking into consideration the waiting time, 3 hours is sufficient, and we do expect them to come in no later than 1.30 pm (inclusive of 1 hr lunch break and travelling time). Although we’re not strict on that, we act based on mutual give and take

Hwee Lin



In this instance, we will usually give them an X number of hours to be "off" for medical appt.

E.g. if official working hours is 9am - 6pm. Then employee comes in at 11am after medical appt, then we just ask them to make up the hours on another day. If it's more than that, we usually will ask them to either get a MC from the doctor or apply half a day annual leave. 




Normally they will have medical chit or receipt for medical appointment. For my company, we will deduct half day from sick leave. For appointment in morning, staff have to back office after lunch hour. For appointments in noon, staff can leave at lunch hour. For appointments in morning but after 10am, they need to report to office first before they leave.

Kim Hou



My company will ask for appointment card and excuse chit in/out time which the clinic or hospital will issue to the employee. Based on such evidence to ensure employee is not abuse the time off.




There is no hard and fast rules in our company so long it is approved by their managers. For those employees under my charge, the maximum of 2 hours will apply. But due to long queue, they may be late at times and I will request them to take half day if their appointment is not arranged early in the morning.

C Tan



It can be discretionary, rather than to restrict by a specified number of hours. A good practice is for the staff to obtain a medical chit to account for the period of absence from the office.




My organisation do allow employee to go for doctor or dentist appointment during office hours.
In such cases, they will get a Time Chit from the doctor or dentist to prove that they are at the clinic during the period that they are absent. No leave are deducted for such visits. But we gave a certain guideline

Example: If you are not coming in to office first in the morning, do make sure your doctor visit starts from 0900hrs. If you made a doctor appointment in the afternoon, make sure it’s after 4pm and you don’t have to return. If your appointment is at 2pm and your time chit covers only till 3pm, then you should come back to office. Unless the time chit covers pass 5pm, then it’s ok.

In the event that they cover themselves under MC, then the timing they visit the clinic will not be question.




Yes, we do provide time off. Employee has to produce time chit provided by the doctor which will indicate duration of patient’s visit.




My company allows staff to go on medical leave for such purposes as long as they have the MC given by the doctor. No restriction on the time as it will be difficult for the hours to be captured and what is considered as the ‘fair’ time taken for check up and how about exceptional cases when you have to take blood test 2 hours before the doctor consultation? This could take up to 4 hours. By the time the staff is back from the check up, it will be more than 1/2 day gone as we have to include the travel time too.



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