Christmas is Coming...

The Christmas season is now in full swing in our home! I love Christmas and feel like it’s never too early to begin preparations. My lovely graphic designer made a beautiful new header / cover photo for me -- I hope you like it!

I would have loved to have written a Christmas book for you, but it wasn’t in the cards this year, as most of my books are set in Scotland where, interestingly, Christmas only became a holiday in 1958, ending an over 400-year ban.

The season was celebrated as the Yule in Scotland until the Scottish Reformation of 1560. Once Scotland split from the Catholic Church, feast days and church holidays were less likely to be celebrated, and Christmas was eventually banned. An Act of Scottish Parliament in 1640 officially abolished the Yule season, which was enforced by law.

Instead, the Scottish celebrated Hogmany, a time to celebrate new life. The McDougall family recognizes the holiday in my book, Promises of Sunlight. Hogmany remains a significant celebration in Scotland, however Christmas traditions have also returned.

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Recommended Read

The Baron in Bath - Miss Julia Bellevue: A Regency Romance Novel

By Isabella Thorne

Surrounded by Rumor…Betrothed to a Rake… 
Caught between two brothers…How will Julia ever find love..?

Miss Julia Bellevue has never been fond of high Society, and if possible Society is even less fond of her. 

Tales of her mother’s scandalous affair have made Julia an object of ridicule amongst the Ton for years and Julia would much prefer to be left out of their cruel games.

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Millie's Christmas Surprise

By Charity Phillips

Ogden, Utah Territory – 1875

Millie Saxton knows what she wants. Or, more accurately, she knows what she doesn’t want. She left New York, the place of her birth and her successful job as a seamstress at a shirtwaist factory, to find love out West. She met a man named James O’Neill who placed an advertisement in the newspaper and, before long, sent for her. But when the train stops in Ogden, Utah and a nasty winter storm hits, Millie finds that her future as Mr. O’Neill’s bride might not be what she wants.

A blacksmith by the name of Clyde Roberts hammers his way into her life and refuses to leave. What started out as a chance meeting on the main street of Ogden becomes something far more noteworthy for Millie.

Will she be forced to continue westward and keep her word to James, or can this handsome metalworker unlock her heart and let her dreams come alive?

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Once Upon a Duke’s Dream

By Ellie St. Clair

I'd like to note that my good friend Ellie has included some of my books as bonus stories at the back of her books. You'll find one at the back of this eBook. Once Upon a Duke's Dream is a wonderful story, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Bradley Hainsworth, Duke of Carrington, is consumed with revenge and clearing his best friend’s name. All roads lead to one Gerard Durand. When the opportunity to investigate further through Gerard’s alluring stepsister presents itself, Bradley can’t resist.

Bradley is captivated by the beautiful Isabella, though he isn’t sure if he can trust her. When they find the truths they are searching for, will they determine their feelings for one another are real, or simply a means to their own ends?

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