Artsy University Step-by-Step for Mondrian Glass

Mondrian Glass

Acrylic paints:

  • Yellow
  • Raw Sienna
  • Burnt Umber
  • Mars Black
  • Titanium White
  • Phthalo Blue
  • Phthalo Green
  • Bright Red


  • Pencil or Chalk
  • Paper Towel or Sponge


  • Large Flat Brush
  • Small Flat Brush
  • Small Round Detail Brush

Use a pencil or piece of chalk to draw the bottles and wine glass as shown in the picture. Then use the small round detail brush to trace the lines with mars black paint.

Switch to the large flat brush. Double load the brush by pulling your brush through one color and then the next color, so that both colors are in the bristles.

Paint in the first bottle and the bottom right corner (including the top right square of the 2nd bottle) with loaded titanium white and raw sienna. Use criss-cross brush strokes.

Then without rinsing your brush, double load burnt umber and white to paint in the top background panel and the top of the wine glass. Wipe off excess paint and double load phthalo green and green oxide to paint in the green section shown.

Rinse the brush and pick up a moderate amount of yellow and cover the bottom two squares of the 2nd bottle. Wipe the excess paint away on a cloth and mix yellow and bright red to make orange. Dip brush into the orange. Start in the top left corner of the first square and dry brush the orange in using long vertical brush strokes. Carry the orange about half way over until paint in the brush is depleted.

Rinse the brush and pick up bright red and a small dot of phthalo blue. Paint in the bottom of the first bottle and the wine glasses. Then without rinsing, pick up bright red and dry brush in over areas you want to be brighter.

Rinse the brush and pick up titanium white to make the reflections on both side of the bottles and wine glass and the stem of the glass.

Rinse the brush and pick up phthalo green to make the green stripes along the bottles and the wine glass.

Mix a small amount of yellow with titanium white to create a light yellow for a strip along the left side of the glass and the tops of the wine bottles as shown. Repeat this process for the light pink stripe.

Rinse the brush and pick up mars black paint next and outline the previous black lines as shown.

 Now you are finished!