A sparkling batch of news and giveaways for July!
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A sparkling July to you, Friends!

I hope this finds you thoroughly enjoying your July. As for me, I'm wondering whatever happened to the “lazy” part of “those crazy lazy hazy days of summer”? So far, I’m only seeing the crazy part of summer, with all my moving madness...but the good news for my readers is that I’ve really truly started the next Starstruck book! No title or cover yet, but I do have a plot (to be further fleshed out as I write, of course) and an opening scene. More on this below, along with this month's winners and a new batch of giveaways and freebies for you to snag!

Starstruck Series Spoiler Zone Established!

Now that I have my head back in my Starstruck world, I've opened up a space in my Facebook reader group where fans of the series can discuss the books without worrying about posting spoilers for readers who haven't yet read (or finished) the series. Because I created it as a Facebook Event, anyone can join--or invite friends to join! Just CLICK HERE or on the graphic above, or click over to my group, Brenda's Sparkling Readers to take part in the discussion! I'll try to pop in at least once a day to answer readers' questions about the series. 

In case you missed it... A Taste for Scandal released last month!

Violet finally gets her chance at romance in A Taste for Scandal.

He's a celebrated military hero, practical to a fault, with nerves of steel...and he's engaged.  She's a free spirit with a taste for scandal. Will they reconcile their differences in time to realize True Love was right under their noses all along?

Now available at all vendors:

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Giveaways for all the people of my kingdom!

Love romance throughout the ages and across different cultures?

Look no further! These bestselling authors have teamed up to offer you two dozen free Historical Romance ebooks. Available for free for the whole month of July. CLICK HERE or on the graphic to see the delightful selection and find a few new authors to read!

This month you can also choose from among 50 FREE teen fiction ebooks in the YA summer action givaway! Definitely worth checking out!

Plus 3 first-in-series FREE books for you to enjoy!

You can download directly from my website by clicking on the covers or, if you're not comfortable with that, from one of the vendors listed below.

Starstruck, book 1 in my young adult science fiction romance series of the same name, is free at: Amazon | iBooks | NOOK | Kobo | GooglePlay 

Gabriella, the first of my Hiatt Regency Classics traditional Regency romance novels is free at: Amazon | iBooks | NOOK | Kobo | GooglePlay 

Rogue's Honor, book 1 in the Saint of Seven Dials series, is free at: Amazon | iBooks | NOOK | Kobo | GooglePlay 

My June winners and July giveaway poll

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I was stunned to see that far and away the highest percentage--50%--of you are "voracious and fast" readers--I have to admit that I'm a bit jealous as I'm a very slow reader myself!

My June winners are: Beth (bethsbillion), who wins an autographed vintage copy of Taming Tessa (since retitled Tessa's Touchand Mary (randomlitreviews), who gets her choice of one of my historical or YA ebooks. Congrats, Beth and Mary! Just reply to this email to claim your prizes.

For your chance to win an autographed vintage copy of Scandalous Virtuethe prequel to the Saint of Seven Dials series, or an ebook of your choice, click the button below and tell me your favorite place to go swimming.

What's the best place to go swimming?

On the personal front

Believe it or not, Sweet Baby James just had his 2nd birthday! (Already?? How can that be?) He celebrated with a trip to the zoo and playground, then with a party where everyone was supposed to come dressed as animals. (I understand not all the guests complied, but it still looked like a lot of fun when Bethany let me participate via FaceTime!) Oh, and he also received his very first pair of lederhosen. LOL! I guess he's well and truly German now!  (see below)

Meanwhile, our family "Game of Homes" continues. My younger daughter is now settled into her beautiful new apartment in L.A (great view!) and our older daughter and her hubby expect to move into their new house (still in Cologne, Germany) by the end of the month. Our Indiana house has sold now, so we'll be pulling up stakes here and moving to Florida sometime in mid-August. Whew! I'm very much looking forward to giving up this nomadic lifestyle and being settled in one place again! 

Until next time...

As the summer continues to unfold, I hope most of you really do get to enjoy some of those "Lazy Days" I'm looking forward to! It's the perfect time of year to indulge yourself with a stack of good books, whether on the beach, in the mountains, or next to your neighborhood pool. Some of the giveaways above should give you a good start there, whether you're into historical romance, teen fiction or both! 

Happy Reading!

~Brenda :)

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