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Kings of Kal'brath Boxed Set: Books 1-3

When three worlds collide, magic happens.

Race Against the Dark
All her twenty short years, Ka’lei thought she was human. But when she’s kidnapped by elves, all she thought she knew ran away on the back of a giant black horse. An elf come home, she must fight for the right to love the man she’s fallen for while trying to save the world she’s stuck in. Can she protect those she loves and still hold on to the only place she ever felt sane?

Healing Wounds: Mother Book One
Mother is angry, and Elan is the only one who can hear the sentient planet that houses the three worlds. After she razes the human world, Elan fights to save what’s left of their endangered race. But the sudden soul-bond to a human woman throws everything into disarray as his adopted children go missing. Will he choose humanity over his missing children?

Twilight’s Children: Mother Book Two
As the spell keeping half the world in Twilight wanes, Cyranti must help her friends to recreate it. But on her way to meet them the Architect slits her throat and leaves her to the mercy of the vampir hunting him. Rather than eat her as she fears, they make her one of them, and their leader’s son steals her heart. If she can’t get her new hunger under control, the devastation caused by the Twilight’s fading will last centuries, and the elves will forever hunt her new family.

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A New Dawn by Jae Vogel

Urban Fantasy/PNR

Aurora Potier had struggled all her adult life. Two jobs at a time is not unusual in New York City, and with her mother unable to work, it’s been an endless uphill battle just to survive since she was a teen. There isn’t time to blink, much less think about slipping from this endless cycle. Work, sleep, repeat. It’s been her life for a while, now.

But when her exhausting routine is tripped by some unexpected and violent complications, Aurora finds that her life of scraping by is only the surface. There’s more to her than even she realized, and more to the father that walked out before she could even remember his face.

She’s about to have the most unpredictable day of her life; what a time to get stuck wearing heels!

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