23 September 2017

Geopolitics & Empire

*Special Net Neutrality Edition*

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The global internet is under imminent threat by telecom giants lobbying the US Congress and the FCC for removal of Title II from Net Neutrality which will allow ISPs to throttle, block and ultimately control everyone's access to the open and free internet.

Activists are heading to Washington DC on September 26th and 27th to fight for a free and fair internet. For more information on Net Neutrality and how to fight back, visit these websites, watch the interview and share them on social media!

Battle for the Net: https://www.battleforthenet.com/dc

The World for Net Neutrality: https://www.theworldfornetneutrality.com

Startups for Net Neutrality: http://www.startupsfornetneutrality.eu

European Digital Rights: https://edri.org

INTERVIEW with Wienke Giezeman: Net Neutrality and the Death of the Internet

Serial entrepreneur and CEO of The Things Industries Wienke Giezeman talks about Net Neutrality, Title II, the imminent threat to the internet as we've known it and what a free and open internet should look like.

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Geopolitics & Empire