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The other day someone asked me:  

"How in the world can you afford to give the Vue Community so much free content?"

There is the free Vue Intro course, free VueConf videos, free Vue cheat sheet, and the free official Vue News Podcast.  There's a lot.

Well, the day has come where I hope that you might help us (and the Vue.js project itself) with a monthly subscription to make it all sustainable.  


What do you get?

First and foremost, $5 of your monthly subscription we give directly to the core Vue.js project.

Secondly, we have a plan to release one video a week to help on your path to Vue Mastery, and I just released the first lesson on my Advanced Components course (see below).  Only subscribers get access to this content.

Thirdly, you help us continue to be able to afford to do the free things we do for the community (see above).

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Advanced Components Course

In this course it is my goal to help you get better at using the full functionality of Vue, scaling and debugging your applications, extending Vue core functionality, and perhaps even contributing to the Vue project itself.  


We start by uncovering the secrets of Vue's reactivity system.  

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Newest Features in Vue + Q&A with Evan You

Join 400+ people who have signed up for a free guided tour of the newest features of Vue.js and get your questions answered by the man who created it, Evan You.


17 VueConf Lightning Talks

Last week we polished and released all 17 lightning talks from VueConf US.  These are all free.  From Adam Jahr talking about 5 Libraries you should know about, to Sean "Webpack" Larkin talking about Code Splitting patterns in Vue, there's something here for everyone.

We even had Derick Sozo watch them all and write up an article on 5 lightning talks from VueConf.US you can't miss.  Yup, free.


🎧 Oh, and a new Podcast

Adam and I cover the latest news in the Vue.js community in just 5 minutes, so you can listen in your car, on the train, or when you're washing your cat.  Yup, it's free too. You can listen to it hereOr subscribe to it below.


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Not going to be paying for a subscription?

Totally understand if you're not in a position to help us out right now, we're still going to be producing lots of free stuff.  Three things you could do instead if you wanted to be nice:

1. Ask your boss to pay for a subscription, and get us in touch. 

2. Help us promote! Forward this email or retweet this tweet.

3. Respond to this email and let us know what we could do to get you to subscribe.


Thanks for reading!

Gregg Pollack

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