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From The Chief

Fellow Arrowmen,

Exciting news! The National Chief of the Order of the Arrow is coming to Cony Party Bonanza on March 10th at the Denver Area Council Scout Headquarters. Cony Party Bonanza is a great way to take the extra step in getting involved with the Lodge by learning about how to run a Cony Party (Ordeal). This event is important because we always need help running Cony Parties from knowledgeable people in the Lodge; CPB is where to go for the latest information on the Ordeal. If you are interested you can now register online at tahosalodge.org. In February the Lodge had all of its usual chapter meetings, an Executive meeting, a Lodge Executive Council Meeting, and an on-site tour of Philmont Training Center in order to prep for our Conclave.

In February the Lodge had all of its usual chapter meetings, an Executive meeting, a Lodge Executive Council Meeting, and an on-site tour of Philmont Training Center, in order to prep for the upcoming Section Conclave. Conclave is being held at Philmont Scout Ranch, April 20th this year and is hosted by Tahosa Lodge and Yah-Tah-Hey-Si-Kess Lodge out of the Four-Corners area. Conclave is when we vote on the Section Chief for our Section W2S, so come and represent Tahosa Lodge for voting! You can now register for Conclave by visiting sectionw2s.org  March also has ceremonies practice, if you are interested in ceremonies, keep an eye out for those.

Hope to see you soon!


Phillip Alvarez

2018 Lodge Chief 

From The Adviser

It doesn’t seem like it was very long ago when I first saw members of Tahosa lodge when I was a young Boy Scout.   I remember seeing our dance team from Medicine Pipe Chapter perform countless times at Buckingham Square shopping center in Aurora, or their annual call out ceremony at my troop meeting each year where we found out if we were elected into the OA, or not.  Or seeing all of the camp staff at PV also be active lodge members throughout their summer at camp. OA was a big part of summer camp. Scouts could be called out and do their Ordeal right then and head home at the end of the week proudly wearing their new sash.

The experiences I had as a youth in scouting were amplified by the time I spent doing OA stuff. Whether it be putting the annual coat of linseed oil on all of the buildings at PV, or riding down to Austin TX in several vans to attend NOAC, each and every one of these events was a memorable experience.

Times have changed a little bit, but I am excited to say that OA still rocks now, just as it did back then. There is no organization that offers youth members the type of leadership training and leadership positions like the Order of the Arrow does. This truly makes us a youth-led organization.

I am truly honored and humbled to be taking on the lodge adviser role. Both Bob Crume and Scott Beckett set a really high bar but I am up for the challenge and ready to help build our lodge and bring what OA has to offer to many more scouts, their families, and their troops.

Most importantly, I look forward to working with the best youth in the Denver Area Council!


Yours in the Brotherhood, 


Billy Reynolds

Lodge Adviser

Register for Cony Party Bonanza

The new and improved Cony Party Bonanza event is just around the corner.  

What will it NOT be this year?  Training sessions back to back.  

What WILL it be?  A time for you to contribute to the Inductions plan for awesome Cony Parties for the 2018 season.  

We will have conversations about staffing needs, promotion ideas, after party and more.  We will be hosting ceremonies practice and certification the entire morning.  We need your input to create an amazing introduction for our newest members.  What do you like about Cony parties and what would you like to see changed?  Come share your ideas!  Lunch will be served by our fabulous Arrow Bistro.  The event will wrap up by noon.

The National Chief of the Order of the Arrow will even be stopping by to see how we do things here in Tahosa Lodge.

This free event is March 10, 2018, at the Hamilton Scout Headquarters.

Register Now!

Register Here!

Register for Section Conclave

Want to learn more about your OA World?

Join Tahosa Lodge and Arrowmen from around the section and region at the Joint W2-S & W6-E Section Conclave. 

April 20-22, 2018 at the Philmont Scout Ranch 

What a great opportunity to come to Philmont, take a hike, learn more about your OA World along with fun, fellowship and competition between Sections!

Register Here!

Unit Elections

It is election season in Tahosa Lodge. We need your help to get the word out to the units. Tell your friends, tell your leaders that it is time to schedule a unit election. Continue the tradition and get more scouts involved. 

The deadline to hold your unit election is April 15 schedule you unit election before time runs out. 

Schedule your unit election at https://elections.tahosa.co


2018 Event Calendar

Visit the 2018 Event Calendar

Spring Ceremonies Practice

Ceremonialists from all Chapters are encouraged to attend. We will work on lines and motions for all ceremonies to ensure one cohesive Lodge team. All ceremonialists must be certified before performing at a Lodge event. Please register (for free!) so we know that you are coming!

March 4
April 8

NOAC Fundraiser Flaps

2018 NOAC fundraiser flaps are now available! The sale of these patches will help offset the cost of travel to Indiana University this summer. You can pre-order your patch through our website or any time the trading post is open. The cost: 1 for $20 or get 6 for $100. 

Pay Your Dues

All Arrowmen must pay annual dues to maintain their active membership in Tahosa Lodge. 2018 dues are $17. You must pay your dues to participate in all lodge events. 

Pay Here

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