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May 2018

Easy Plant Tissue Culture Clones
The secret to plant tissue culture is using sugar as an energy source. Learn more...

The Most Efficient Ways to Cool a Greenhouse
As the temperatures start to climb, the most energy-efficient ways to cool a greenhouse need to be explored. Learn more...

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Horti-Control Doubles your Growing Area and Increases Yields
The Horti-Control LF Series Ballast Flip Flop allows growers to better utilize electrical capacity and maximize the use of HID lights, without needing to purchase additional ballasts and power circuits. The Horti-Control LF Series allows growers to take advantage of all 24 hours in the day and can double growing area and increase yields. The LF Series is purely mechanical and designed to be simple, versatile and above all reliable. Visit www.HortiControl.com.

Identifying & Treating Greenhouse and Indoor Garden Pest Insects
When a pest insect shows up in a greenhouse or indoor garden, correct identification and immediate treatment are a grower’s best chances to eradicate the problem before it gets out of hand. Learn more...

Creating the Perfect Nutrient Solution for the Veg and Flower Stages
The performance of a nutrient solution is not guaranteed by simply using a quality brand. Proper dosing procedures and ongoing maintenance are necessary to obtain maximum performance. Learn more...

Hardening Off Your Seedlings
The process of hardening off is meant to reduce the shock of transitioning from a sheltered environment to outdoor conditions. Learn more...

Seed Bombs Add Biodiversity
Making seed balls is actually an ancient farming practice that helped prevent seed from being consumed by rodents and birds after it was broadcasted. Learn more...

Garden & Greenhouse Product Review
Greenhouse Megastore Cold Frames Learn more...

Agavaceae or the Century Plant is a Great Plant for your Greenhouse
Learn more...

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