3 August 2017

The Geopolitical Intelligencer

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Geopolitics & Empire with Rick Sterling: Is Trump Saving Syria And Russia?

Investigative journalist Rick Sterling analyzes the Trump Administration's recent moves in Syria and Russia and whether they serve to restore relations or sow further discord.

The Colder War

Putin cuts 755 U.S. diplomatic positions as punishment for sanctions bill

Russia sanctions fuel new Cold War

Imperial Folly Brings Russia and Germany Together

Pentagon Plan to Arm Ukraine Means Escalation with Russia

The World's Most and Least Peaceful Countries [Infographic]

UN Under Siege: Geopolitics in the Time of Trump

'Trump is forced into trade war' - Virginia State senator Richard Black

The Least Safe Countries of the World

The New Silk Road

China’s weaponization of trade

China Seeks to Export Its Green Finance Model to the World

Suu Kyi orders visa ban on UN investigators

Next Up: Abu Dhabi; China's Maritime Silk Road Breaks Into The Middle East

India And Japan Join Forces To Counter China, Build Their Own New Silk Road

Middle East & Africa

Game of thrones in Pakistan as ousted PM’s brother takes over

America’s Yemen Policy is Creating More Terrorists

Moral Corrosion of Drone Warfare


Activist's lawyers latest known targets of spyware sold to Mexican government

Deal will make me look terrible: Transcripts of Trump’s calls with Mexico

Why migrants are staying in Mexico

Some Latin American governments are making the most of Venezuela's crisis

Latin America: Why It’s Time To Overweight Argentina

Deep Politics

Journalist Tells How He Knows That Seth Rich Passed DNC Emails to WikiLeaks

Biological Warfare: US & Saudis Use Cholera to Kill Yemenis

Holistic Doctor and Wife Die, Adding to 60+ List of Strange Deaths of Holistic Doctors

Finance & Economy

This Ohio factory owner says she has jobs but few sober applicants

36 Shot in Chicago Weekend Violence

Sniffing out the truth about the end of the Canadian real estate boom

Want a $1 Million Paycheck? Skip College and Go Work in a Lumberyard

Bitcoin ETF-Approval Odds "Are Way Up", Analyst Says

Energy & Environment

Australia’s Meteorology Agency Caught Erasing Record Low Temperatures

Earth Is Drowning in 9 Billion Tons of Permanent Pollution

777,000 Tons of Radioactive Waste to Be Dumped in Pacific

Fallout: America's nuclear history leaching into streams and bodies

Britain to ban sale of all diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040

Muslim Leader: 'Australian Women Need Us To Fertilise Them,' 'White Race Extinct In 40 Yrs'

Surveillance & Technology

China to use technology to predict crimes BEFORE they happen

Putin bans VPNs in web browsing crackdown

UK Secretary supports back doors, says 'real people' don't need encryption

Microsoft won't patch SMB flaw that only an idiot would expose

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